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How to incorporate nature in your home at The Hales, with style

Mother nature has provided us with a wealth of visual delights; beautiful parklands, lush green lawns, the calm of the ocean and the serenity of the bush. We all know how great we feel having been in nature, invigorated by the fresh air and often amazed by its wonder; but how can we reap mother nature’s delights from the comfort of our home? There are many simple ways to introduce the outside to your living space and doing so doesn’t have to be expensive or a time-consuming task.

Indoor plants bring a burst of green into your home and have a range of health benefits for all the family. Low maintenance solutions including Aloe and Pothos are bright, vibrant and cost-effective and do wonders for our wellbeing. Aloe is a natural healer, aside from soothing burns and helping to heal cuts one of its many superpowers is its ability to clean air, removing pollutants from our homes!

The Spider Plant is a popular choice and eliminates harmful toxins in the air. Carbon Monoxide is one of the nasties this plant helps to remove. The Snake Plant is another good choice and is one of the few indoor plants that release oxygen into the air at night, making this the perfect choice for bedrooms. Remember, plants are natural dehumidifiers; palms release moisture while succulents retain moisture. A combination of both will set your home up for perfect air quality!

Studies have shown that having plants in your home can reduce your stress levels and feeling of fatigue. In the workplace, plants have been shown to increase productivity, so pop one in your home office space to reap their benefits. Their mental health benefits don’t stop there, with plants having been shown to assist in providing a restful night sleep and assist in recovery from general illness, depression and anxiety.

The health benefits are vast, but plants are also an aesthetically pleasing addition to our homes. Below we share our design-friendly solutions to enable you to incorporate mother nature with style in your home:

  • Create an indoor herb garden. Lush greenery and delicious herbs are a great way to bring nature into your home. A variety of herbs will smell delicious too!
  • Make a terrarium. Fun with the kids or a calming project for you, terrariums are beautiful and low maintenance. Small in size, these natural delights are perfect for bathrooms that need a cheerful touch!
  • Treat yourself or your loved on to a bunch of flowers or pick wildflowers on your next walk in nature. Bright colours are known for their energising effect.
  • Open your doors, windows and blinds and let nature in! With beautiful surrounds, The Hales has plenty of views to take advantage.
  • Create a hanging garden. Choose a blank wall and build a hanging garden with simple hooks and pots to really embrace nature. Choose low maintenance plants for little upkeep.

The Hales is designed with modern liveability in mind. Nestled in the Kalamunda foothills, you’ll be close to beautiful natural bushland whilst having all of modern life’s necessities nearby. Embrace nature with our simple solutions and experience all the nature Forrestfield has to offer when you choose The Hales.


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