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Discover the best of handmade at Capel Makers Trail 2021

Dalyellup Beach Estate is excited to sponsor this year’s Capel Makers Trail, to help showcase the creative talent in Dalyellup and surrounds, and to provide locals and visitors alike with a culturally rich and inspiring weekend experience.

Held Friday 21 May to Sunday 23 May, the Trail exhibits more than 100 makers including sculptors, metal and wood workers, winemakers, painters and potters based at various home studios or at one of the seven ‘Trail Hubs’ spread across the Shire of Capel.

As you work your way around the Trail, there are many opportunities to meet the makers, learn their stories, watch works in progress, gain some hands-on experience and, of course, buy some amazing local art and homemade products!

Now in its second year, Trail coordinator Tracie Walsh said that the initiative is unearthing the best that is handmade, reflecting the rich artistic and cultural diversity of the Shire of Capel.

“It’s been special to see amazing local makers come out of hiding to share their art, craft and talent with the world,” said Ms Walsh.

“Whether they are a hobbyist, emerging, or established, the Trail is inclusive creating a sense of community that is tangible to the hundreds of visitors that come from all over the region.”

This year, you won’t have to travel far to discover what is special about Dalyellup! As one of the ‘Trail Hubs’, the Dalyellup Community Centre on Gosse Way will be converted into a Maker’s Market between 10am to 3pm daily featuring local artisans, live music and a number of free ‘make and create’ workshops. From collage to clay, felt and fabrics there will be plenty of free hands-on fun for all ages and abilities.

From there, branch out to visit individual artist studios with makers who love to be in their own creative space and share what they do. There are three studio locations in Dalyellup and you’ll discover loads more nearby in Boyanup, Capel, Gelorup and Peppermint Grove Beach.

Satterley Community Development Manager Amy Blundell said Dalyellup Beach Estate was proud to support Capel Makers Trail 2021, as part of Satterley’s Community Sponsorship Program.

“This is as an example of how amazing grassroots ideas can be realised through collaboration and, in turn, become enduring and treasured parts of the community,” said Ms Blundell.

“It’s all part of Satterley’s commitment to help new communities grow into great places to live, with thriving homegrown activity,” she added.

Since the Trail began in 2019, it has connected the community with artists, sometimes in profound ways.

Ms Walsh reminisced about one of her favourite memories - the 2019 event with potter and collector Michael Gill from Boyanup.

“In 2019, Mr Gill opened his home studio and pottery museum during the event for the very first time,” said Ms Walsh.

“After becoming a potter in England, he then travelled extensively all over the world teaching and setting up potteries, some of which were in the most primitive environments.

“He carried a legacy and an enormous history of stories that were shared to many of his visitors over that weekend before he sadly passed away that year.

“If there was no Capel Makers Trail event, many of his stories wouldn’t have been passed on.

“Not many people knew we had an iconic potter from the 1950s and 60s living in our local community until this event,” she said.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab an event program, plan how you will blaze your creative trail and get ready to discover all the homemade delights that the Shire of Capel has to offer!

For more information or to download an event program visit

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