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2020-03-16 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Community Groups at Cassia

A community spirit and feeling a sense of belonging is key to finding the perfect place to call home. Whether you’re looking to find somewhere that your kids can grow up or somewhere you can relax into a quieter pace of life, locating a thriving community should be an important consideration when you're researching where you should next call home.

Cassia's community spirit is evident throughout. With a number of parks and playgrounds to enjoy, socialising and meeting your neighbours is easy! Cassia, in the City of Kwinana, also has several community groups you can get involved in to help you to meet new, likeminded people outside of work or school!

For children, John Wellard Community Centre offers many groups throughout the week during both school time and the holidays, with different activities available across all age groups. For pre-schoolers, every Wednesday, there’s a sensory playgroup, ideal to help your little one to develop their creative side. Adults can take advantage of resume and interview preparation groups on a Wednesday or a social craft group, which takes place in the evenings so you can enjoy some social time after work commitments.

Kwinana is also home to Zone Youth Space, designed specifically for young people as a safe space for them to utilise after school and during the school holidays. Zone Youth Space also offers job-hunting help, cooking groups and sports to encourage young people to develop a range of skills outside of school.

Kwinana Public Library is another great place that holds regular groups for all ages to enjoy. For youngsters, there’s ‘Boredom Busters’ offering science and craft activities for children and parents to get involved with together after school, with a new skill focus each week! Adults can also take part in a family history group, which helps you discover and explore your family tree. Why not take part in a group as a family and join in the card making drop-in workshop which runs every Tuesday and gives you the opportunity to make special cards for your loved ones?!

The library also runs many toddler groups, such as Rhymetime, Toddlertime and Story time, designed to develop your little one's social skills and sensory skills with various activities in each group throughout the week. 

If you’re looking to get involved with something close to home while making a difference in your community, then look no further than the Lions Club of Kwinana, designed to involve you with local humanitarian efforts. Membership is open to everyone in the local community and involves meetings and activities on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month at the Senior Citizens Centre on Harley Way. 

The City of Kwinana runs specific community groups, including one at the Medina Aboriginal Cultural Centre, which offers a safe space for people with Aboriginal heritage to learn about their history and culture and to get involved with Aboriginal dances. The centre also includes the Mirambeena Leisure Centre, which offers services for elderly Aboriginal people, or those with a disability, including various social outings throughout the year!

Aged people within the City of Kwinana can also take advantage of specific community groups that help them remain integrated within society and keep fit and active. Bethanie Kwinana Living Well Centre offers social activities and outings for aged people to enjoy and the opportunity to meet new people of a similar age too. The centre is open every weekday from 10am to 4pm.

The City of Kwinana offers an abundance of community groups for everyone in the community to get involved in, which means everyone locally can enjoy the area and contribute to the fantastic sense of community spirit.

Land is for sale now at Cassia, follow the links to find your dream lot, or to find out more about Cassia get in touch below. 

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