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2020-07-01 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Cosy winter ideas at Dalyellup

As winter approaches and the colder weather creeps in we spend more time at home. It’s a great excuse to close the doors to the outside world and to enjoy all the hard work you put into your beautiful new home. From choosing your new community to selecting the block that’s right for your family and then choosing a home design that you love - your time and energy have been invested into creating a haven customised for you and your family. Now is the time to take a moment and enjoy the carefully curated space you’ve designed just for you!

Spend time in your lounge room, cook delicious meals in the kitchen, relax in your bedroom and take a luxurious bath in your en suite! We’re sharing a handful of our favourite ways to enjoy winter at home below.

Cook a meal to share

Your beautiful new kitchen is crying out to be test driven! Cook a feast for your family to share one evening. If cooking isn’t one of your talents download a few simple recipes before the day or choose a meal the whole family can help with like DIY pizzas, burgers or tacos!

Dine alfresco

Alfresco’s aren’t just for summer! Grab a blanket and jumper before heading outside to enjoy a meal and a few drinks with friends and family. Why not turn your back garden into a winter zone by adding a gas heater or investing in alfresco blinds?! It’s a great way to add more liveable space to your home you can use all year!

Enjoy a good book

We all have a list of books we should read, want to read or have been recommended to read. Winter is the perfect time to take an hour a day, before bed, to indulge in the reading list you have mentally stored! If reading isn’t your thing, try podcasts or audiobooks - they are a great way to escape and learn a thing or two.

Stay home entertainment

Nights in can be so much fun! Make Friday night’s game night. Snacks, refreshments, board games and a league (if you’re the competitive type) make for the perfect night with the family. Have a prize ready for the winner - perhaps who gains the most wins in the month!

There is so much to do, staying in the warmth of your new home at Dalyellup. Once you’re ready for some fresh air, head outdoors to enjoy all your new community has to offer! If you're new to Dalyellup Beach, start your journey today. 

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