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2021-04-21 Community & Lifestyle

Cousins become even closer at Botanical

Before Simona Homa’s parents were forced out of their home country due to war they lived close to their large extended family in Syria. Simona and her sisters were born in Australia and, when their cousins came to Melbourne some time later, the families reconnected and began a new life together.

Simona says that, although in some ways the stories of her family members are very different, in others they are almost exactly the same:

“We all wanted to live in close proximity to one another just like our families did back in Syria,” she explains.

Had they chosen to live in an established community, this would have been difficult, if not impossible. Two homes coming onto the market in the same street at the same time is rare; more than two is almost unheard of.

But the Homas knew there was another option.

“One of our cousins, Ramina, has a property in Botanical and she had been explaining how beautiful it is so we all wanted to move to the same area and raise our own families all together.

“When we saw the estate, we knew right away that’s where we wanted to live.”

Simona says their plans were backed by her supportive father.

“Our dreams became a reality once my father, Shamshon, sat us all down and told us this was the perfect chance for us.”

Now the four cousins will be living together, not just in the same masterplanned community, but in the same street! In fact, three of the four will be next-door neighbours.

Pictured from left to right; Anton Homa, Shamshon Homa, Ramina Homa, Emil Daou, Sam Homa, and Simona Homa

Simona says the members of the four households have been extremely close for many years and, even living some distance from one another, they catch up regularly. But she says the new arrangement they will have in Botanical will change things for the better.

“We are mostly looking forward to being in close proximity to each other and having the ability to simply walk to each other’s houses.

“We usually have regular catch ups at each other’s houses, however due to the responsibilities and commitments of each family, it becomes significantly difficult. Being close to each other will make catching up so much easier, allowing us to stay close through all life’s moments, challenges and milestones.”

The three families who will be newcomers to Botanical hope to begin building at the same time and are already being congratulated by friends for grasping such an unusual, and exciting, opportunity.

“We have continued to boast about how lucky we are to be surrounded by each other and to have the opportunity to raise our families together.”

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