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2020-02-10 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Dalyellup Beach - Who lives here?

Dalyellup Beach is a thriving community with a vast array of house and land packages to meet every budget and lifestyle. The coastal location and proximity to Bunbury means Dalyellyp Beach is the ideal place for families, couples, singles and empty-nesters.

Researching the area you are planning on calling home is an important step in your new home journey. Finding out more about the community, activities and amenities is especially important. There are so many important factors to consider when it comes to finding the right area. Schools, activities and community events are some of the most popular research topics. Many people look for a community that represents them, with lots to keep their family happy and entertained now and for the years to come.

The community can often be a big factor for prospective buyers, particularly those with young children. Finding a community rich in other families can be one of the important building blocks to a high quality of life. The 2016 census shows that Dalyellup Beach has a median age of 31, with children below fourteen making up twenty-eight percent of the population. Couples with children also make up a significant proportion of Dalyellup Beach Estate at fifty-four percent. If children are not in your immediate future, however, couples without children also represent a good percentage of the area at twenty-seven percent. Not only is this ideal for families, but also investors looking to rent their property to families in the future. 

Eighty-eight percent of Dalyellup’s population was employed at the 2016 census showing the easy access to high employment, metropolitan locations. Enjoying the calm surroundings of Dalyellup Beach after a busy day in the city jungle is one of the reasons professionals are drawn to our community. Walking trails, beaches and parks are all close by and are easily accessible for an evening walk or weekend adventure.

Occupations are just as varied within the Dalyellup suburbs. Professionals, trade workers, community, personnel workers and administration staff have chosen Dalyellup Beach as their place to call home. Approximately twenty percent of residents work and live in Dalyellup. The surrounding area is rich with employment opportunities, seen by the eighty percent of workers who travel to nearby suburbs for work, returning home to tranquility each day.

Homes at Dalyellup focus on spacious separate living with ninety-three percent of homes being detached properties. Rentals also play a key role at Dalyellup with thirty percent of residents renting their property. If you're looking to invest, Dalyellyp Beach might be a fantastic investment opportunity.

Culture is a key aspect of community life at Dalyellup. Over eighty percent of residents speak English as their first language and a number of other languages are prevalent in the community including Afrikaans, Italian, Tagalog, Filipino and Mandarin. Over half of residents have one or more parents born outside of Australia, leading to a rich and varied community.

The diversity of residents at Dalyellup Beach across age, life stage and nationality shows how welcoming Dalyellyp Beach is to new residents from all walks of life. Whether you're an individual, family or retiree Dalyellup Beach is a vibrant, diverse and welcoming community. Begin your journey at Dalyellup Beach, today.

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