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2020-05-01 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Eco Day at Allara

Friday 5 June 2020 is World Environment Day, a day that raises awareness about environmental issues around the globe. Initiated by the United Nations, World Environment Day is sometimes called Eco Day or Environment Day and was established in 1972, showing that environmental awareness has been on many minds for decades. 

It is believed that over 100 countries acknowledge and participate in World Environment Day with many focusing on important issues such as pollution, global warming, food sustainability and the protection of wildlife.

Closer to home, the coastal community of Allara in Eglinton has proudly been recognised nationally by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) as an environmentally sustainable development after achieving all six elements for ecosystems, waste, energy, materials, water and community. EnviroDevelopment certification recognises developments with outstanding sustainability performance determined through independent assessment against national standards. 

Allara’s Clever Lifestyle Bundle is an initiative specific to Allara that supports affordable living by offering savings on home security, solar power, energy monitors, smart meters, LED lights and smart thermostats; all designed to help your back pocket and the world around us.

Initiatives are in place within the Allara community to help approach things differently. Allara’s attitude to waste, materials, water and community are unique and focus on the four pillars of life within our thriving community; economic, environment, connected and wellbeing. Allara has focussed on ensuring that the design of the development provides opportunities to participate fully in life and to provide a level of amenity that is conducive to leading a happy and healthy life.

How can I become involved in World Environment Day?

There are many ways you and your family can become involved in this worthy cause, all from the comfort of home. Try one of these ideas to share awareness of global environmental issues from your home at Allara, Eglinton.

  • Share a photo of your family being environmentally aware and join the #worldenvironmentday or #withnature movement on Instagram.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Eat less meat or incorporate a veggie day once or twice a week.
  • Turn off your tap while brushing your teeth.
  • Recycle your waste properly.
  • Adopt a pet rather than buying from a breeder.
  • Turn off electrical devices when they are not in use.
  • Share why environmental initiatives are so important with friends and family.
  • Walk more and take the car less.
  • Read the Allara Enviro-development brochure sharing more ways Allara is thinking of the world around us and offering tips and advice for you to support an environmentally friendly way of living at Allara.

How do you support environmental initiatives at home? Share your ideas and how your family is joining the World Environmental Day movement this year on the Allara Facebook page. 

By choosing to live in Allara you are living in a community that aims to have minimal impact on the environment that extends far beyond the boundaries of your front yard and can save you money too!

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