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2020-02-18 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Exciting Developments at Dalyellup Surf Life Saving Club

Nestled on the coast between Bunbury and Busselton, Dalyellup Beach offers scenic living with direct access to the beach. The beach access allows Dalyellyup Beach residents the opportunity to make the most of the beautiful Indian Ocean. Here you can enjoy surfing, kayaking, snorkelling and swimming every day if you so choose! The growth of Dalyellup in recent months and years means that there’s increased awareness about the area and a demand for investment from the Government and residential home investors.

Last year, the Western Australian Government announced they would invest $300,000 into new facilities at Dalyellup Surf Life Saving Club, located at Dalyellup Beach. The site includes a 400 square metre club building and is set to open in February, with members and local residents eagerly anticipating the grand opening! 

Running since 2001, the club offers not only a safer facility for swimming at Dalyellup Beach but also an opportunity for local residents to get involved and learn more about water safety, which is particularly useful for little ones from an early age! 

The club regularly runs events bringing the community together from first aid training to ‘Nippers Training’, designed to enhance the swimming ability of youngsters in the ocean and increase water safety awareness. There’s something for everyone to participate in whether you’re looking to learn more about staying safe in the water or to get involved and increase your fitness during the summer months. The club also regularly runs events across key dates of the year including Australia Day where they hosted a sausage sizzle for locals to enjoy. 

The new premises is planned to continue the growth of the Surf Club even further with a number of new events planned for 2020 as well as the grand opening of the new facilities early this year. The investment also showcases the development of the area with a real close-knit community spirit driving the growth of the area. Residents come together to enjoy the great outdoors, give back to their community and to have fun at the same time! 

If you’re interested in more info about the Surf Club or to learn how you can join them and learn new skills, you can keep up to date with all events ongoing and contact the club via their Facebook page. 

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