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2020-03-02 Industry News
Author: Satterley

Food and design trail launches Botanical’s display village

Around 200 guests were spoilt at our exclusive Pick of the Harvest event to celebrate the launch of Botanical’s 27-home display village on Saturday 29th February.

Featuring 15 of Victoria’s leading builders, the event theme drew its inspiration from the character of Botanical, a community built around open spaces, connectedness and fresh produce. Attendees enjoyed a food and design trail incorporating a cocktail station, cannoli cart, paella pan and a cheese table, just to name a few. Much of the produce on offer was from Victoria, including infused olive oils from the Grampians and sparkling wine from Marnong Estate, literally up the road from Botanical.

Guests were given the full VIP treatment, driven up and down the street on a Botanical-branded rickshaw, while kids had fun at the face-painting, storytelling and craft stations.

Some in attendance had yet to buy in Botanical. Others had already secured land and were using the launch as a chance to take a careful look at the latest home designs. One of those was Jessica, who was the winner of our launch competition, the prize being a $5,000 VISA gift card. She said her home is at the frame stage and she intends to use the money to buy a new dining table, donate to animal charities and pay off her credit card. The surprise win will help her pay for the trip to her sister’s wedding in Port Douglas, as well.

Thank you to everyone who came along and experienced the food and design trail.  You can visit the display village, which is on Poppy Street at Botanical in Mickleham. Opening times vary for homes, but you can get details by calling our sales team on 1800 200 800 or visiting

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