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2018-12-17 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Heron Park, Harrisdale – A Community Rich in Culture

Every year, communities join together to recognise and celebrate the many cultures that make up our fantastic nation. Heron Park, Harrisdale is a community rich in culture and annually our residents and the wider local community celebrate our culture and heritage with a celebration of food, music, art, and crafts.

Earlier this year, for the fourth consecutive year, Satterley’s Heron Park estate hosted Harmony Day celebrations to embrace the diversity of our nation. The event is organised by a dedicated committee of volunteers that began with three members and is now a large group of individuals passionate about sharing the culture Australia has to offer.

“You get to try different things, experience different things and try things a different way. You really understand the differences that make us stronger as a community” states Jon, City of Armadale representative.

Each year the Heron Park community welcomes over 3,000 visitors who make the journey, some near, some far to experience culture from the community members themselves.

“You will experience food from the world. You will experience communities from throughout the world too. The music and performance line up is mind-blowing; from the lion dance to Brazilian Samba to Sika Bhangra Music” Manveer, representative from Sikh Association of WA recommends.

 “The Harmony Festival in Heron Park is about bringing a lot of local cultures together. Its turned into quite a huge celebration but it still has quite an intimate feel because so many local people are involved. “Lyndsey Stoney, Senior Community Development Coordinator comments.

“The uniqueness of this festival is not targeted at a particular community or ethnic group it is open to everyone” Danny, representative from Sri Lankan Cultural Society of WA advises.


“Seeing the little moments of joy and celebration that people have whether its connecting to a culture that is their own or connecting to a culture that is someone else there are little moments you see where people are just enthralled with joy and that’s what I really look forward to” adds Lyndsey.

The 2019 Harmony Festival is in the planning stages and is anticipated to take place on Sunday 5 May 2019. Each and every year the vibrant celebration grows. We share below a few photos from recent years.

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