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2019-03-18 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Heron Park Skate Park receives positive community feedback

In late 2018 we shared the exciting news that Heron Park has joined forces with ‘Skate Sculpture’ to develop a design for a new skate zone to provide an active and appealing space for our younger residents to enjoy.

Situated in Heron Park’s concluding public open space, the Stage 25 park will be designed with youth in mind. The park is located adjacent to Barossa Loop and will form a part of the masterplan communities park and playground design. 

Following initial consultation with students at Harrisdale Senior Highschool, the Skate Sculpture team designed an initial plan with students thoughts, recommendations, and ideas in mind. The outreach engagement session provided Skate Sculpture with the wants and needs of students and in turn the local community; tailoring a design solution that meets their specific requirements. 

After creating a design that successfully addressed over 80% of the student requests, the Skate Sculpture team met with the same group of students to go over the design and confirm that it matched what they had envisioned.   

The conceptual plan was extremely well received by the students with the concept design including a half pipe and A-frame; two must haves from students in the initial outreach session. Alongside feedback from the students, an online community survey also garnered some fantastic feedback and ideas for the youth park, including a basketball hoop and climbing area, which both feature in the final design.  

"It's been wonderful to receive such positive feedback and engagement from our residents at Heron Park. The new Youth Park is going to be an awesome space for local young people to meet, socialise and test their skills and I'm excited to see all the ideas and work from Skate Sculpture and the Harrisdale Senior High School outreach group come to life. Heron Park is a thriving community and it is a priority to include spaces that focus on our residents and their needs. We have so many families with children of all ages who call Heron Park home and providing a space for our teenagers and youth to spend their time in a proactive way is an exciting development for our community" adds Senior Community Development Coordinator, Lyndsey Stoney.

The Heron Park Youth Park proposes to include a skate zone , a half-court basketball/netball surface, kick about space, pump track and climbing apparatus. Shade structures, barbeques, and seating areas are also included in the design. Approval from the City of Armadale is hoped to be achieved soon for construction to commence mid-2019.

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