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2020-09-01 Community & Lifestyle

“Is it time to…?”

Could now be the time to get started on an activity you’ve been putting off?

We’re living changed lives under the conditions brought about by this pandemic. For some of us, new routines and schedules have made us busier than ever before. But for many, we have more time on our hands – time we might once have spent commuting, spending time with friends or playing sport.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list. It’s six restriction-friendly activities to do in and around the home, whether you’ve just moved in or you’ve been in the community for a while. Things you might have been putting off (or never have thought about) and could now have time to tick off:

Try composting
We could devote an entire article to composting. It’s an excellent way to reduce kitchen and garden waste and it’s the perfect soil conditioner if you’re growing herbs or veggies (see our second idea below).

There’s lots of information, product options and ideas around, but a good starting point is your local council. You could be eligible for some fairly sizeable discounts on composters, worm farms, bokashi products and more (dependent on which council you live within).

Start your own veggie patch
You can grow vegetables almost anywhere – a courtyard, back porch or in a garden bed dedicated to edible plants – and the results are so rewarding and delicious.

Getting things started can seem a bit daunting, so we understand if you’ve been putting this one off. Actually, beginning a veggie garden doesn’t have to be a big job at all. Here’s an excellent guide, including a quick video followed by a longer article. (We particularly love the tip about choosing veggies that are expensive in the supermarket – a great way to save money.)

Don’t forget, nurseries are considered essential businesses, so you can still pop in and pick up some seeds or seedlings. As we approach spring, it’s a good time to plant lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, coriander, broccoli, carrots, eggplant and many others.

Organise your outdoor entertaining space
Entertaining might be the furthest thing from your mind at the moment. But, this season of restrictive measures will pass. Once it does, we’ll all want to catch up with friends and what better place to do it than in your newly created, renovated or tidied outdoor entertaining area.

Here’s some inspiration from our friends at Porter Davis.  

Do a pantry cleanout
According to research by The Kitchen Collective, 41 per cent of Australians feel the kitchen is the room in the home most in need of a clean. And during stage four, we’re accessing our pantries, more than ever. To help find what you want, now’s the perfect time to clean and reorganise your pantry.

Here’s a great guide to organising your pantry.

If your kitchen pantry is full of stuff you don’t use but which is in perfectly good condition, you can donate it to local charities such as Oz Harvest.

Do a wardrobe cleanout
Second-hand clothes shopping is bigger than it’s ever been as people look for ways to save money, save the environment and shop more ethically.

That means you can clear out your wardrobe knowing that any clothes you no longer want (that are still in good condition) will almost certainly get a second life. In fact, as mentioned in this story, you might even be able to sell some of them. 

Clear out the gutters
Cleaning out your gutters isn’t difficult: it’s a matter of remembering to do it.

It’s also really important.

If leaves and other debris build up in your gutters in just the wrong way, stormwater may build up and then spill into areas it’s not supposed to go. That can cause damage and even safety problems.

Now’s the perfect time to clean your gutters because they tend to fill up during winter and, contrary to popular belief, spring and summer have much higher average rainfall levels than winter in Melbourne.


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