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Home design trends to watch for in 2019

Our homes – what they look like and how we fill them – are a representation of ourselves and our families. Our design choices, particularly inside, convey our personal style preferences and our passions.

For these reasons, and many others, interior decorating is fun. But it can also be daunting. The choice of colours, textures and materials alone can be overwhelming. With this in mind, we asked Senior Interior Designer at Boutique Homes, Mitra Whittle, to give her expert opinion on home design in 2019.

Mitra says that feeling a little bit swamped by options is natural, and that there’s an easy way to prepare for when it comes time to make interior design decisions.

“I would highly recommend going through various sources of information and collating the best of what you find into an album or a log book. That might include cut outs from magazines, images from Pinterest and Instagram and ideas from display homes,” Mitra says.

A collection of images and ideas will help you get a better picture of what you love and at the same time give you something to show the person you consult with regarding your home’s fixtures and finishes.

So, as you’re beginning to think about what the inside of your home will look like – or how you could change it – how do you separate long-term trends from fads?

The fact that something is ‘trendy’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’s applicable to your lifestyle. You need to consider if it suits the way you live or the way your home is currently decorated,” Mitra says.

If you do come to love an interior fashion but you’re not sure about its long-term appeal, Mitra’s advice is to simply be careful.

“Apply it moderately in the areas where it can be removed. Tiles, carpets, cabinetry, splashbacks and wallpapers are difficult to get rid of, or change once you’re over the trend.”

Mitra says that not all new design ideas will be flashes in the pan. She recently returned to Melbourne from one of Australia’s largest design trade shows in Sydney and had the chance to see what suppliers were planning to bring to the market in 2019.

“What I saw there was a huge amount of what I’d call a modern country style. It’s very sustainable; it doesn’t go out of fashion. It’s all about neutral tones and textures.”

Mitra says this trend towards country-inspired design – as opposed to beachside or urban – is notable for how easy it is “on the eye” and how well it works with such a variety of different homes and building styles.

Whatever your stylistic leaning, though, Mitra says the most important thing to remember is that it’s just that – your preference and that should be respected.

Mitra’s five style tips for 2019:

  1. Consider neutral tones. Mitra says the country style that she feels will be popular in 2019 is defined by the subtlety of its colours. Where in previous years rich greens and pinks were prominent, now she’s noticed more muted tones, references to terracotta and eucalyptus.
  2. Bring plants into the home. Mitra says that greenery changes our moods for the better and refreshes the air. Her advice is that live plants are wonderful, but you shouldn’t be afraid to use artificial plants, which can be extremely realistic these days and are ideal for areas with little sunlight.

  1. Metals are still in. Mitra says the use of metal fixtures, fittings and accessories, which has been popular for some time, remains so. But instead of bright polished gold, a more tarnished bronze look is taking over.
  2. Natural, tactile materials and textiles such as cane and macramé (knotted textiles) are easy to work with, and can add a subtle touch to your home that doesn’t need to be permanent. Woven wall hangings, basketry and prints are all worth considering in 2019.
  3. Cleaning, organising and minimalising have hit new levels of popularity thanks to author and Netflix superstar Marie Kondo. Mitra says it’s OK to introduce new items into your home but, to avoid clutter, make sure you replace a new item for an old one, preferably something looking tarnished, tired or out of date.

Boutique will open its first display home in Satterley's Botanical community in Mickleham in Spring 2019. The Havana 32 will feature four bedrooms and two bathrooms spread across a single storey home. Featuring a provincial façade, the home will have a masculine country feel with timber panelling and moody colours used throughout the interior. Make sure you check out this display home for design inspiration when it opens! 

*Photography of the Barcelona 32 display home by Boutique Homes

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