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2020-10-01 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Hosting an outdoor birthday party at Provence

Provence has some beautiful outdoor areas to ensure you can host a fun and affordable birthday party (whether it’s for adults or for kids!). If you’re lucky enough to have a spring or summer birthday, take advantage of being out in nature with your loved ones.

Below we explore areas within the estate you can hold a party and some tips as to what you may need to ensure it’s a great day.

When hosting an outdoor party, a few considerations need to be made to ensure the comfort of your guests and ensure they are well fed and watered. Bring some colourful picnic rugs, beanbags and giant cushions from home if you have them, otherwise there are plenty of event hire companies who lease lounge-style party bits and pieces.

A big esky with lots of ice is ideal to ensure everyone has access to cold drinks and water, especially if it’s a hot day or there are kids running around playing games. Some ideas for easy patrty games with minimal equipment required are pass the parcel, relays or egg and spoon races, and donut-on-a-string eating competitions.

While you will never be far from home when hosting a Provence birthday party, your choice of food to serve can make it a much easier event. Think cupcakes instead of a big birthday cake (no need for plates and forks) and cold foods such as a meat and cheese platter, mini cold quiches, fairybread and chocolate or honey crackles.

Decorations can be hung from surrounding trees. Ideas for decorative themes or simply some funky decorations can be found on these websites and delivered straight to your door: Discount Party Supplies and PartySource. You may also find affordable or second hand decorations on Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Gumtree.

Suncream or mozzie repellent will be needed outdoors depending on the time of day, and don’t forget a mini first aid kit and a roll of toilet paper just in case!

Finally, bringing along all of the bits and bobs for a BBQ, serving food and cleaning up is needed. When hosting a party outdoor in nature at Provence, it’s important to leave the space just as you found it and take any litter with you. Bring along some extra paper towels or baby wipes to make sure all BBQ’s, tables and humans leave the party nice and clean!

Here are the top two locations for an outdoor birthday party at Provence.

Main Lakeside Park
The main lakeside park and has a water feature, a bridge over the lake, a playground and a long portico.

You can also find BBQ facilities here too.

Aurelian Lake Park
The beautiful Auerlian Lake is located toward the back of the estate in a picturesque setting complete with a BBQ area and play equipment.

There are also ample grassed areas for running around.

Explore what makes Provence so special here.

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