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How to make your home safe and pawesome for your pet pals

If you’re an animal lover living in a Satterley community – or planning to – there’s a good chance you might have thought about bringing a cat or a dog into your new home. Maybe both.

Four-legged friends provide plenty of joy to any household, so it’s worth investing in their health and happiness (as well as your own peace of mind) by introducing a few pet-friendly measures in your home.

Here are eight ways to turn your home environment into a haven for a new dog or cat.

Put yourself in your pet’s paws

It might sound a little strange but the easiest way to see the world through your pet’s eyes is to literally get down on their level, assessing potential risk and dangers from room to room.

For instance, check that all blind cords are out of paw’s reach, electrical cords, cupboards and drawers are latched or unable to be opened and that human food and medications are safely stored.

Eliminate escape routes

If your dog or cat spends unsupervised time in the front and/or back yards, be sure to do a thorough sweep of the area, checking for any gaps in fencing or holes in shrubbery or hedging that could be a route for a stealthy escape.

Remove household toxins (including plants)

You should keep strong chemicals, cleaners and environmental insecticides well out of reach of all dogs. The most common plants you need to watch out for are lilies, philodendron, sago palms, ivy and rubber tree plants, however we suggest doing further research into greenery toxic to dogs and cats before bringing anything into your home or garden.
If your dog or cat does eat part of a poisonous plant, go straight to the vet.

Choose durable flooring

If you’re going to have dogs running through your house on a regular basis, hard-wearing flooring is a smart option. Consider options such as polished concrete, laminate flooring, stone or ceramic tiles, all of which also provide a cool place for your dog to nap during hot weather.

Create a dis-scratch-ion

Save your furniture from constant scratch marks and create a fun and exciting space for your pets. Cat trees and scratching posts are a good starting point.

Invest in a good vacuum

Many of the shedding breeds (both cats and dogs) are beautiful animals, and perfect for families, but you’ll need to vacuum at least twice a week.

Avoid white

Dog owners especially will do well to avoid upholstering in light colours and using delicate fabric. Leather is a good choice because it’s hardy, doesn’t absorb odour, and can easily be wiped clean. Avoid fabrics that are a magnet for pet hair, for example velvet, mohair, corduroy, velour or chenille.

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