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How to tackle your home DIY project at Dalyellup

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with home DIY projects. Once you’re in your new home at Dalyellup Beach, regular maintenance of your property is essential to keep it as beautiful as the day you moved in! There are a range of tasks that need doing regularly, like cleaning your windows, oiling your deck and making sure your walls stay fresh and mark-free! 

Outsourcing these jobs saves you time but costs your back pocket, so it’s helpful to know how to tackle these recurring home projects quickly without breaking the bank!

Below we share our top tips to tackling home DIY projects. You may even enjoy completing them!

1) Prioritise your DIY tasks

Having set time to tackle each item is a great way to prioritise your home DIY projects. Make a clear list starting with the most important job - or the one that makes the most impact. As they say, start from the beginning.

2) Get the right tools

At Dalyellup Beach you’re surrounded by hardware stores you can purchase all the tools you need to complete your at home projects. Head to Bunnings Bunbury on the corner of Blair Street and Mervyn St in Bunbury to invest in all the equipment you need to get your home jobs complete. Once you have the right tools, the rest is easy!

3) Stay motivated

With a long to-do list it's easy to lack in motivation. Set yourself achievable goals each day based on your ability and knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Having a friend over can make a boring job so much more fun. Put on your favourite music, make a drink you like and enjoy feeling productive!

3) Reward yourself

Nothing feels more rewarding than completing a DIY task on your to-do list. Celebrate ticking an item off your list with a meal out or a new book - whatever is your interest! Spending time enjoying the fruits of your labour, like a drink on your newly varnished deck could be the best way to pat yourself on the back.

A move to Dalyellup Beach Estate is a move to a friendlier and healthier way of life. Start living your dream at Dalyellup Beach estate. With land for sale and house and land packages available, there is something to suit your budget and lifestyle. 

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