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Interior Design Trends to watch out for in 2020

  1. Soothing Grey Tones
  2. Organic Textures and Woods
  3. Large-Scall Wall Art and Wallpaper
  4. Bringing Nature In
  5. Make Your Alfresco A New Room

2019 has seen an abundance of new trends, from rose gold accents to bright, bold tiles and wall coverings, there has been so much to experiment within your home in 2020 will be no different! Choosing the right interior can be one of the biggest decisions you make in designing your new home, so we’ve compiled five top trends predicted in 2020 for your home at Allara.

1) Soothing Grey Tones

Soothing and calming tones can be perfect for your living room or bedroom to ensure ultimate relaxation in the rooms that matter most! What’s more, natural grey tones are complementary with many colours such as creams or soft blues. Pair items like these Botanica cushions from K-Mart with a darker grey sofa to break up the deep grey tones and keep smoothing ambience front and centre at your home.

2) Organic Textures and Woods

Organic has been a buzz word in the kitchen for years, now it’s time to give an organic twist. Connecting your interior to textures from nature can create a personal touch. The kitchen can be a great place to add organic tones such as rattan or timber. Add these rattan dining chairs to a timber dining table to provide an edge to your kitchen design. Adding tones from nature doesn’t have to break the bank. Add soft light to your bedroom with these Rattan Table lamps. 

3) Large-Scale Wall Art and Wallpaper

There’s an increasing trend for wall art becoming larger and we now see it added as the centrepiece of a room like wallpaper. Large-scale art can be a great way to break up larger walls either in your living room or bedroom and works as a backdrop as you enter a room. Add this ‘Cherry Blossoms on the Lake’ piece or the ‘Sailboat Sunrise’ to your living room to add a hint of colour, whilst maintaining those soothing tones. 

4) Bringing Nature In

It’s often said that being in tune with nature can bring with it a great deal of relaxation and peace, and the same can be said for your home. Located close to the ocean, surrounded by bushland and parks, Allara offers a great location to bring nature inside the home. Potted plants, whether they’re real or fake, add some life and colour to your living areas where you may have opted for a more single tone trend. Try this ‘Money Tree’ for a splash of green in your living room and some added good luck and fortune! Try planting in a natural ceramic pot to maintain your natural tones. 

5) Make Your Alfresco a New Room

As summer approaches, it’s a great time to start thinking about those warm evenings and inviting guests round to your new home at Allara! Creating an outdoor space that has a cosy feel can give your home the perfect balance between indoor serenity and an outdoor relaxing vibe. Pair a benched seating area with some warming ‘faux fur’ throws and a natural look candle set to bring out the best in your outdoor space, essentially adding another room for dining, relaxing or entertaining. 

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Have you seen a trend that we’ve missed? Let us know below! 

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