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2019-01-08 Community & Lifestyle

It’s academic! Schools (and other education options) around Botanical

For families looking to buy property, the location of the land is invariably as important as the home itself. And while proximity to shops, transport and green spaces is always important, closeness to schools (built, under construction or planned) often ranks higher on the list of priorities than anything else.

As Melbourne’s population increases faster than most other cities in Australia, so too does its number of students. In fact, the Victorian Department of Education and Training estimates that close to 100,000 extra students will enter public schools over the next five years.

While the Victorian Government is delivering upgrades and hundreds of brand new schools in growth areas, competition within sought-after school zones will only intensify in coming years, so it’s never been more important to have well-regarded education nearby.

In this article, we’ll give you a summary of the early childhood, primary and secondary school choices available near Botanical.

Primary Schools nearby

There are many schools and childcare centres within easy reach of Botanical, but three are particularly close:

Mickleham Primary

Mickleham Primary is next door to Botanical. It’s a relatively small school with a very big history. The bluestone building that it’s famous for was built almost 150 years ago, and the school’s origins date back even further than that.

Mickleham enrols around about 300 students a year, from Prep to Grade 6. They welcome all children from the Mickleham area.

Image Credit: Mickleham Primary School

Aitken Creek Primary

This relatively new primary school (it opened in 2011) will eventually become one of the largest in the area, accommodating as many as 1100 students. Importantly, as a resident of Botanical, you’re in the Aitken Creek catchment, which means your children will be given priority if and when enrolments need to be limited.

Among the modern buildings are more than 40 learning and teaching areas, a library, gymnasium, two performing arts/music rooms and two art/science/technology spaces.

Image Credit: Aitken Hill Primary School

Newbury Primary

Newbury Primary is just a five-minute drive from Botanical. It enrolled its first students in 2017 and has a strong focus on English, maths and sustainability. Its specialist programs include health and physical education, the arts and science.

Image Credit: Newbury Primary School & Adventure+

Secondary schools nearby

There are sought-after public and private secondary schools very close to Botanical. Three of the nearest are:

Hume Anglican Grammar

Welcoming students for the first time in 2011, Hume Anglican Grammar is a two-campus Christian school catering to students between Prep and Year 12.
The original Mickleham Campus covers 10 hectares and is just a five-minute drive from Botanical.

The curriculum covers English, mathematics, science, the humanities, visual arts, performing arts, health, physical education, Italian, information and communication technology and religious and values education.

Image Credit: Fleetwood Australia, Hume Anglican Grammar & Education HQ

Craigieburn Secondary College

Craigieburn Secondary describes itself as being “small enough to care for and pay close attention to the individual, yet big enough to offer a diverse range of pathways, programs and facilities”.

It features a modern performing arts centre, design and technology studios, video conferencing facilities, as well as a trade training centre incorporating an industrial kitchen.

It’s 15 minutes from Botanical by car.

Kolbe Catholic College

Kolbe Catholic College is a co-educational school for children from Years 7 to 12 situated a 15-minute drive from Botanical. The school prides itself on being student-centred, ensuring each child reaches his or her potential in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Image Credit: Smith+Tracey Architects

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