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Less than 80 lots left at Upper Point Cook

With the finish line in sight for land sales, what better time to interview Sales Professional Mark Di Paola, a champion for UPC who has sold just over 1700 lots in a four-year period.

Upper Point Cook launched in 2014 and Satterley planners expected that all lots might be sold by 2020. But, before the first ad had been written and long before the first newsletter had been released, it became clear that there was something remarkable about the project. Not to mention the person selling it.

That person is Mark Di Paola and, as we approach the end of 2018, he has sold all but the 80 blocks that remain in the project. Mark credit’s this incredible success to the whole Satterley team, and also the uniqueness of this community.

“The development has built up so quickly in such a short space of time. UPC adjoined an established community and one of the things people were keen to see was how it integrated with that community. I think that’s been one of our most successful attributes - and we’ve gone a step beyond it, as well.” Mark believes the new community has blended well with Point Cook while maintaining a distinctive and appealing individuality.

“[People are] impressed by the landscaping and open spaces, which is a signature of Satterley projects. But a lot of credit really goes to the purchasers because there are more grand homes within this estate than I’ve ever seen in all my years of selling masterplanned communities. They’re the ones who are making it look even more special.”

He says it’s been a joy to watch the community grow, to deal with such a variety of different people, and to see the demographics change over the years. Despite the diversity, though, he says its residents have some admirable traits in common.

“They’re proud of where they live and they’re active when it comes to all things Point Cook. They value education. They value technology. Many are savvy IT professionals.

“It’s one of the most engaged communities I’ve ever come across.”

He says he’ll miss it when the final lot is sold and it’s time to move on. When that happens, Mark will take a well-earned break before becoming the Sales Professional at Satterley’s newest Victorian project in Donnybrook. It will take him into a sixth year with the company and a 12th year selling land. We suspect there’ll be many more after that.

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