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Live a greener lifestyle at Eden Beach

Reducing your carbon footprint and leaving a greener one is easy to do. There are so many small and simple changes we can implement in our daily routine to reduce our impact on the environment as individuals and as a community.

Living at Eden Beach we’re immersed in nature. The Eden Beach Foreshore is moments away and with so many parks and playgrounds and walking trails, our environment is a beautiful place to be. If you’re keen to live a greener, more active lifestyle we share some of our favourite things to do to be a little greener as we enjoy Eden Beach.

Swapping your old chemical containing cleaning chemicals out for natural eco-friendly ones is a simple swap that you’ll barely notice (…but the environment will thank you for!). Try making your own cleaning products, like these suggestions from Keeper of the Home. Stay away from aerosol cans and cleaners with excessive package too.

Your unwanted goods may be another man's treasure! Good Sammies is just across the road in Butler Central and is the perfect place to donate items you no longer need. For bulkier items, head to Tamala Park Recycling, where you can drop off your unwanted white goods to be rehomed. Another great option is to upcycle your unwanted furniture. Why throw out that old coffee table with one too many stains on? Spend the afternoon sanding and repainting for a new shabby chic coffee table painted to suit the decor of your home.

So many utility bills and providers, like banks, provide the option to change from a postal bill to an e-bill. Not only will you become organise with everything in an easy to locate PDF version, but you’ll reduce your consumption of paper too. 

Keeping a coffee cup on the go is easy to do. If you’re a daily coffee lover, you’ll reduce your disposable coffee consumption by 365 cups a year and almost 2000 cups over 5 years - now that's a lot of cups.

Be organised and make your lunch in advance and bring to work in reusable containers. You’ll save money you would have otherwise spent on buying lunch. 

Encourage your neighbours and street to be green too. Share books, tools, and appliances that will save you time and expense. Think outside the box with your green thinking initiative. If you make a meal and have leftovers, offer to share with your neighbours or better yet, invite them over to join you.

Ditching the meat in favour of a vegetarian option once a week is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Try one of these delicious vegetarian recipes that are bound to be a hit with the whole family thanks to Cooking Light. 

Supporting local businesses is a great way to reduce your food miles. We are so lucky to have a great range of fruits and veggies nearby, so think local before choosing the bigger names for your weekly shop.

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