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2019-11-05 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Live Your Best Life at Eden Beach

Living our best lives is a mantra we all aim to stick to in our everyday lives, but sometimes with the pressures of work, home, family and friends it can be hard. Summer presents an opportunity to really embrace this ethos with endless sunshine and countless social events to get involved in, there is so much happening on your doorstep.

Becoming overwhelmed is all too common, especially during the festive period, and so to help you enjoy your best life at Eden Beach, we’ve put together a list of great ideas to get active in your community while prioritising your mental and physical health.

Chill out at the Beach or the upcoming Beach cafe

The beach can provide an amazing sanctuary to grab some ‘me’ time. Whether you prefer to take a dip in the ocean, read your favourite book or just spend an hour at the beach baking in the sun, a few minutes of along time can leave you with a calming effect for the rest of the day. Eden Beach will soon be home to a 200-seater cafe with ocean views allowing you to enjoy a relaxing lunch or just grab a coffee and take it down to the beach to get some of that sea-air. 

Get Outdoors and Explore what Eden Beach has to offer

Eden Beach and surrounds has so much to offer, from spacious areas to take a walk and grab some fresh air, to free to use BBQ’s perfect for grabbing a few friends and enjoying the warm weather. Exercise is often said to be a great way to clear your mind and prioritise your mental health. Head to the Oval and do a quick HIIT workout to start your day right. It’s a double win, looking after your mind while burning calories at the same time, what’s not to love about that? 

Take a Digital Detox

Many of us cannot even begin to imagine going a day without using our phones every hour, checking social media or posting updates for our friends and family. Beyond Blue suggests taking a digital detox every now and then has a number of benefits, including being calmer and being able to establish healthier relationships with those around you. Increased face to face interaction and also help you to achieve a better quality sleep thanks to less screen time - something I’m sure everyone would love! You can take a look at the article in more detail here but we suggest taking things slowly, step by step to really understand what works well for you individually. 

Hang out with Friends

Eden Beach’s location makes it ideal for meeting up with friends. With Butler and Joondalup both a short distance away and both have a number of great places to catch up no matter what your interests are, accessible by bus or train! In Butler, try the Cornerstone House for live music, food and drink to match all needs or in Joondalup head to Down the Hatch for a relaxing vibe and great cocktails. If you’re after something a little more competitive, head to Zone Bowling in Joondalup, show off your skills and take on your friends! 

Fuel your Body Right 

‘You only get out what you put in’ is often the saying we hear at work or the gym, but it’s also true when it comes to the fuel you provide your body with too. Organic and fresh produce can really provide a great way to make sure what you’re eating is giving you exactly what you need to maintain a healthy mind and body. Head to Kanga Markets at nearby Allara to pick up fresh ingredients for your next BBQ or to Butler Central for the best selection of Meats and Veggies. 

Have we missed your favourite thing to do when it comes to living your best life? Let us know below! 

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