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Local Hardware Stores near Ocean Hill

Moving into your new home at Ocean Hill is exciting! You’ll finally get to live in the home you’ve been dreaming of and planning for all this time. By partnering with one of WA’s top builders your home will be beautiful; meticulously designed to meed yours and your families every need - much like the Ocean Hill community.

Once in your new home, there are the little tweaks still to finish. Like putting up your photos, hanging mirrors and shelves - everything that makes your home special and unique to you. There are many hardware stores close to you at Ocean Hill, meaning completing your home DIY tasks is easy and enjoyable! 

Below we share your go-to DIY destinations, all close by your new home at Ocean Hill!

  1. Bunnings - Mandurah

You’ll find them at: 21 Kirkpatrick Dr, Greenfields WA 6210

  1. Toolmart

You’ll find them at: 65 Gordon Rd, Greenfields WA 6210

  1. A1 Salvage and Hardware

You’ll find them at: 8 Hampton St, Greenfields WA 6210

  1. Wattyl Paint Centre

You’ll find them at: Unit 1/17 Gordon Rd, Mandurah WA 6210

Once you’re equipped with the right tools for the job, the rest is easy! Make a plan and remember these simple tips to stay on track:

  • Know your end goal - have a plan of what you want to achieve at home and what you need to purchase at the hardware store. It’s easy and tempting to go off track without a list of must-buy items.
  • Don’t blow the budget - moving info a new home can stretch your savings. Have a budget for DIY tasks and don’t go over it. Remember everything doesn’t need to be completed at once. Take your time and enjoy completing the final things on your to-do list.
  • Shop around - with such a great selection of hardware stores close to Ocean Hill you’re within easy reach of a few stores to shop around for the best buy.
  • Tackle one room and project at a time - If you have bigger items on your DIY list, like painting or decorating is a sensible way to minimise mess and disruption at home. 

Moving into your new home is exciting. Enjoy making your house a home, personalise and unique to you! You’ve made a fantastic decision living in the Ocean Hill community - a coastal community close to it all. 

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