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Making the most of your time (online) with our sales team

The Victorian Government introduced Stage 4 coronavirus restrictions this month, and while building and construction work will continue at Habitat, we’re changing the way we consult with our customers.

Our sales office is closed - we hope to reopen it on the 14th of September – but you can still speak with our friendly sales professional, Stevie, over the phone or by booking a video appointment. This will be pretty much the same consultation as we would offer you in the sales office (we just can’t make you a coffee).

If you’re interested, we’ve put together some tips to help you get the most out of your appointment with Sharifa.  

How does an online sales appointment work?

You simply need to book a time that’s convenient to you and we’ll organise a ‘virtual’ meeting. Once you’ve booked we’ll send you a step-by-step guide to using FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. We will then set up a meeting on your preferred platform.  

We can also schedule a phone call and will be responding to emails.

Our sales team are available Saturday to Wednesday, between 9am and 5pm.

What sort of questions will the sales professional ask?

The questions our sales experts ask will probably be a little bit different depending on what you’re looking for, what stage you’re at in your property search and whether you’re a first home buyer, an upgrader, a downsizer or an investor. But they’ll likely want to get an idea of:

  • Whether you’re looking for titled or untitled land.
  • What size of block you’re thinking about.
  • The budget you have in mind and what type of house you’re interested in building.
  • What you’ve found out in your discussions with a broker or lender.

Should I prepare before organising an appointment?

That’s a great idea. We really encourage it. 

It’s a good idea to tick a few pre-chat activities off your list before your video appointment:

  • Jump onto Habitat’s website, download the master plan and take a virtual tour of the estate.
  • Speak to someone about finance. You don’t have to have locked in a loan or even have gained pre-approval, but it’s a really good idea to have spoken with a lender or broker so we have an idea of your borrowing capacity.
  • Have a think about the home you have in mind. No need to worry about design specifics, but a general idea will be really helpful. Are you thinking 3 bedrooms or 4? What about living areas? How important is a large garage?

Can I ask questions during the appointment?

Absolutely! In fact, we want you to ask as many as you like.

We suggest you write some down before your appointment.

You might want to know how the purchasing process works, how much can you expect to pay as a deposit, what sort of amenities and services are nearby or what sort of parks and other green spaces are in the area you have your eye on.

We’re happy to answer any questions you like.

Can I actually secure a property online?

Yes you can!

We can take deposits over the phone, and Satterley also use a secure digital document signing software for customers ready to sign their land contract.

How do I set up an online sales appointment?

You can set up an online appointment with Sharifa Mohammed, Habitat’s Sales Professional by calling 1300 328 472 or emailing 

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