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Meet your neighbours: From Ireland to Ripley

Mark McAleer came to Brisbane from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, via Perth, in 2009. When his prime corner block titles early this year he will officially become one of Ripley Valley’s very first purchasers. And, once building is complete on the Como by Simonds Homes, he’ll be the proud owner of his first property. In fact, it’s through his search for that home that Mark found Satterley and the land at Ripley Valley.

“The whole process started with the house design,” Mark explains. “I saw the design that I wanted and I was looking at other blocks but the site costs were going to be quite significant. Then the builder recommended Ripley Valley.”

Mark says he went and had a look at the community Satterley is establishing south-west of Brisbane, found a block that perfectly suited the lifestyle – as well as the dimensions of the home – he had in mind, and quickly decided it was the place for him.

The recommendation itself influenced his judgment, but the location was perhaps the deciding factor. Mark lives in Toowong, a suburb about five kilometres west of the Brisbane CBD where he works. He says the commute for him now is about half an hour. From Ripley Valley, which is about 32 kilometres from Queensland’s capital, Mark estimates the commute will be only 15 minutes more.


“I liked the convenience of [the property] between two major highways. It’s going to be fairly easy to access the city from there. It’s also easy to access Ipswich. I have plenty of friends in Ipswich. I also play in the Ipswich 8-Ball Association and this new block’s only about a seven-minute drive from there.”

“From an investment perspective, I reckon the house is going to have great resale value, if and when I decide to move on. Ripley Valley is an exciting, up-and-coming development and to me that’s where the future is.” The green space across the road from the block only made the proposition all the more enticing. Once he’d decided Ripley Valley was the community for him, Mark says the process was a lot easier than he anticipated. “I was expecting to be blinded by legal jargon and complicated documents and that sort of stuff. But the documents were presented to me and Samantha [Bennik- Hughes, Ripley Valley’s Estate Manager] took the time to explain them to me. That made the whole experience a lot easier.”

With all of that paperwork now complete, Mark is less than a year away from being in his first home. Once settlement goes through the building can begin and Mark expects to have the keys by later this year. For many people today, the path towards home ownership is a long and challenging one. But not all that many travel 16,000 kilometres across the world before saving for the land and home that suits them perfectly. That’s the adventure Mark has taken and Ripley Valley is a destination that’s been worth the journey.

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