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Moving house? Here's your 10 step check-list from Heron Park

Moving into your new home at Heron Park is an exciting time. Your old home is empty, boxes are packed and the moving truck has arrived! We’re so excited to have you as a new Heron Park resident and we’re here to make your arrival as easy as possible. 

With a new neighbourhood, there is lots to learn and so the Heron Park Estate Team made a helpful checklist to ensure you don’t miss a trick in your new community! Follow the below steps for a smooth move to your new home. 

1. Get a planning tool. 

Now that the bank approved your home loan and the contract is signed, the building is underway and you're excited about your new home in Heron Park, you are probably pretty exhausted. To make things easier for yourself get an online planning tool to keep you on track. Try these free tools that allow you plugging in all the important house moving dates and to-do's: Slack, Bitrix24, Trello or Zapier. If you're not a fan of using a scheduling tool use a personal calendar like Google or Outlook to keep important dates and deadlines recorded.

2. Redeem your fencing rebate. 

You don't want to miss out on savings so, allow at least 10 weeks to receive your fencing rebate. You must submit it no later than eight weeks before the lock-up (there are other criteria that you need to be aware of, so read the form carefully). Don't leave it to the last minute, as the rebate form may require information which you need the time to source. So, the earlier you get on top of this one, the better. You can find this rebate form on the Heron Park Rebates page. 

3. Redeem your landscaping rebates. 

Similarly, get your landscaping done. Aim to submit the landscaping rebate form at least 10 weeks in advance. To claim your rebate, you will have to have PVC duct installed under driveways and paving, ensure the site is clean and free from rubbish, rubble, and weeds, and provide a copy of the site plan. We share more important information on the rebate form, which you can find on the Heron Park Rebates page. One of the best things about landscaping rebate in Heron Park Estate is that it will be water-wise which means water savings for you and the environment over time. 

4. Contact the Water Corporation 

The Water Corporation has advice dedicated to new homeowners and renters detailing all the important bits. Make sure you call the Water Corporation to ensure they are notified you have moved into your new home on move in day. To ensure you're charged only for the water you use, you will need to confirm that a water meter reading has been arranged for your old property. You may also receive a bill for works completed prior to you living in your new home.

5. Connect your electricity with Synergy 

As a Heron Park Resident, Synergy is your Electricity Provider. Give their team a call a few days before move-in day to disconnect from your old home and reconnect at your new! Synergy's new self-serve online portal makes this process simple. It takes Synergy 1-3 business days (excluding weekends) to get you connected/disconnected and you'll receive a first or final bill after that.

6.  Connect your gas 

Choose from one of the providers at Heron Park; AGL, Alinta Energy, Kleenheat and Origin Energy. Remember to disconnect from your old home too. Understand more about the West Australian energy market by reading the WA Energy Guide. Moving can be difficult, but connecting your gas doesn’t have to be with various gas options. Alinta Energy offers great solutions to consider when you're making the move. From natural gas options to saving money and more helpful tips and tricks, researching your possible suppliers can give you serious environmental and monetary rewards in the long run.

7. Connect your internet 

Heron Park is NBN ready! By contacting your preferred service provider including Telstra, iiNet and Exetel they will be able to connect you! Do this about 4 weeks before move-in day as there can sometimes be a bit of a wait. It's amazing how our modern day lives are centered on communication with the world through the internet. Netflix, social media, emails and Foxtel (to name a few) are all dependent on this trusty connection, so plan in advance. 

8. Organise your mail

Set up your mail redirects before you move with Australia Post. Make sure you have a post box at your new home before you implement this mail redirect so mail can be successfully delivered. Without a post box mail can go astray and important information could be missed. Australia post has a range of options that might suit you including a mail hold during the period you move so the important bills, communications or that precious wedding invitation end up with you, correct recipient. 

9. Order your bins 

Order your wheelie bins for your house by visiting the Bins and Collection section of the City of Armadale's website. You may also wish to organise a private skip at your old home to have a handy place to dispose of all unused clutter prior to moving. Moving house is a great opportunity to have a massive clear out, donating what you can to charity and disposing of all else prior to moving day. Remember your weekly bin collection day at Heron Park is on a Thursday, so pop the bins out on a Wednesday night so you don't forget. 

10. Join Heron Park free community events

Over the last 12 months, the Heron Park Community Development team hosted over 21 events for local residents to enjoy. There is always something happening on your doorstep for you to try or experience with your family. Getting out and about with your neighbours is essential to truly embrace where you live.

Moving into a new area can seem daunting, but by taking time to stop and say hello to your neighbours, fellow dog walkers and families at the park can make your new home at Heron Park feel like familiar ground. Invite your neighbours over for a cuppa or bbq and show off your new home or invite your street to your nearest park to have a kick around with friends. We might be biased, but we think we have one of the friendliest and most welcoming communities around - so get out and about to say hi!

There are a few spots you can keep an eye on to stay up to date with what’s happening in your community:

1. Stay Connected

Stay connected with Heron Park by following our ‘what's on’ community page, Facebook page and The City of Armadale’s Residents Page. Heron Park's annual Harmony Day Festival is a must-visit.

2. Keep up to date

Keep up to date by joining the Heron Park mailing list and chat with your fellow residents on the Harrisdale and Piara Waters Chat Facebook Page. 

3. Your Community Development Team

Your friendly Heron Park Community Development team can also be contacted on 9368 9000 or

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