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2019-10-14 Community & Lifestyle

Nepalese friends about to become neighbours at True North

Satya Narayan Chaudhary lives in True North. Before the end of 2020, he will have begun building a new and larger home on the other side of the community, within True North’s Greenvale neighbourhood. What makes his story noteworthy is that he’ll be living on the same street as several friends, all of them – including Satya – born in Nepal.

“Some of us lived in the same area and met at university. Some of us were neighbours. Some of us have been friends for nine or ten years. We’ve all moved from Nepal. We know each other very well.”

Satya now lives and works in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, but his first port of call back in 2007 when he arrived in Australia was Darwin. He spent nearly five years in the Northern Territory, where he worked and finished his degree, before journeying to Melbourne where he bought his first home in True North’s Roxburgh Park neighbourhood.

In fact, of all of Satya’s friends who have bought in the Satterley’s True North community, he is the only one who isn’t a first home owner.

“This will be my second home. When I decided to buy [land to build a new home], my friends asked why. It’s closer to the school my daughter will attend next year, it’s close to the airport. It’s close to childcare.

Satya and his family

“[My friends] became interested in my move and asked what the process was.”

Satya says that he began to speak to his friends about his plan to build a new home. He also told them about the benefits of living in True North. He liked the planned open spaces – the parklands, ovals and playgrounds that will be spread throughout the community. He also saw the advantage of the proximity to the freeway.

His friends followed his lead.

“I took them to Craigieburn and other areas but they decided to buy in True North,” says Satya.

In all there are six families or individuals originally from Nepal who will join Satya in True North’s Greenvale neighbourhood. Satya will live on the same street as three of his friends. Two others will live just a few streets away.

He says being so close will make it easier for them to share meals, celebrate festivals together and visit one another’s houses. These are activities they already enjoy, but being in the same community will increase the convenience and bring their community even closer.

And Satya and his friends aren’t the only ones who have seen the benefits of being close to friends and family in a new residential community. True North has at least 10 groups of three or more families who have decided to buy within the same neighbourhood or next door each other.

As for whether Satya has already started thinking about his new home, he most definitely has. His family have decided to build with Henley and Satya is looking forward to his land titling towards the end of next year so he can start building. He’ll then relish the role of ‘old hand’, providing advice based on his previous experience of building a new home.

“I’m going to be the main person giving them ideas. This is my second house, so I have lots of ideas.”

In the meantime, he has even more friends to speak with about a potential move.

“Some friends in the Northern Territory are considering buying in Melbourne. They’re wondering if it’s going to be comfortable for them.”

When it comes to housewarming parties, why stop at six?

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