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2019-04-13 Community & Lifestyle

Pet adoption day brings out the best in local community

Nearly 20 animals have new homes after our Adopt a Furry Friend Day, the annual community event that has turned into an extravaganza of generosity and goodwill.

Animal home and rehousing specialists, Pets Haven Foundation, has partnered with Satterley since the first event. This is the first time, however, the Adopt a Furry Friend Day has involved cats and that was made possible thanks to FurKids Rescue, an organisation owned by an Arcadia resident.

Thirteen dogs and six cats ended up being adopted on or just after the event, which was attended by 250 people.

Satterley’s General Manager for Victoria and Queensland, Jack Hoffmann said that it was heartening to see the community come together for such worthy causes.

“This is one of my favourite events of the year because you get to see such kindness on display. It’s pleasing to see so many families decide to bring these animals into their homes and their lives.

“It’s also important that we can make a contribution to communities just a few kilometres east of here affected so badly by bushfires.”

Jack is referring to donations made to the Bunyip Fire Relief appeal. Satterley helped push the community donation tally up to $5000, which will go to helping restore damage caused to the nearby town by summer fires.

“We have to thank so many members of the community for contributing to what turned out to be a hugely successful event,” said Jack.

“As well as Pets Haven and FurKids Rescue, who we couldn’t have held the event without, we had the Officer Cricket Club sizzling up sausages, and we gave away 300 coffees and 250 paw-shaped ice-creams to attendees. Face painting and a jumping castle were huge hits with the kids. We even had a Pooch Fashion Parade.”

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