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Plan your day out at a display village

So, you’ve decided to spend a day at a display village. With so much to see and consider, it’s sure to be a day full of inspiration and future planning.

Display villages around Australia are welcoming healthy visitor numbers in 2021. For many, the pandemic lockdowns of last year proved to be an excellent opportunity for new home research.

And there seems to be no time like the present. The post-COVID property market in Australia is strong with property prices lifting in every state and territory. Overall, real estate prices increased by an average of 3 per cent in the December quarter, latest Australian Bureau of Statistics show.

Buyer confidence has surged thanks to a lower than expected unemployment rate, continuing low interest rates, and the extension of the $25,000 HomeBuilder grant.

It’s no wonder so many Australians are hitting display villages in droves. For many, it will be where their new home dreams begin to really take shape.

To get the most out of your display village experience, it’s a good idea to do a bit of prep work. It could save you time and money in the long run.

We’ve put together a few handy hints to help you plan your day and maximise your time.

Where to go

Display villages are usually located in fringe suburbs, so depending on where you live you may find yourself spending a lot of time driving to and fro. Minimise your time on the road by researching the display villages closest to you and get started there.

Your online research should also lead you to which builders and what house types can be seen at a particular village. If the range doesn’t interest you or suit your budget, it’s time to shift your focus to another nearby village.

Typically display villages will feature at least a dozen homes. It’s a wise move to visit a large village where you know you can see more than one home that appeals to you.

What to know

Avoid the frustration of visiting a closed display home by checking the opening days and times before you leave. Weekends can be hectic, so try visiting on a weekday for a less crowded experience.

Check the width and length measurements of your block to make sure the house you’re visiting is suitable for your land. There’s nothing more deflating than finding your ideal home and then discovering your block won’t accommodate it.

If you’re travelling with kids, it’s handy to know if there are nearby playgrounds, cafés and restaurants. The display village at Satterley’s Eden Beach Estate is conveniently close to the Eden Beach Foreshore Park and Playground, and The Beach House restaurant, making for an excellent pit stop.

Prior research is key. Searching online opens the door to virtual tours and interactive viewings, as well as floor plans and photos. Bookmark your favourite builders, designs and floorplans for easy comparisons and future reference.

Most importantly, know your budget. This sets the expectations early, so you know exactly what you can afford.

What to inspect

You’ll soon find there’s so much to take in; the size of the home, the interior styling and the floorplan flow, to mention just a few. Allowing at least 30 minutes to inspect each house will ensure you don’t feel rushed.

Display homes are designed and decorated to impress, but after looking at a handful you may start to notice some differences. The quality of the fixtures may differ, and this includes everything from the flooring to the tapware, the blinds to the tiles. Take a closer look and feel the fixtures to gauge the quality, and it’s a good idea to take photos on your phone so you can look back on them at a later date

Walk around the outside of the house to check out the al fresco options. Try to imagine how a garden and any other outdoor features like a pool would complement the house. There are also the finer details to think about such as outdoor tap placement and utility connections.

What to consider

Understanding your current lifestyle needs will help you work out if the floor plan and house size are suitable. Are there enough bathrooms? Is there space to work from home if you needed to?

Think about the future and whether the house will cater for your needs. A growing family may need an extra bedroom or two, larger kitchen or more storage. An older family may need to welcome an aging parent.

Most importantly, try to get a gut feel for the house. Does it feel like home? Could you see yourself settling in well? Will your furniture and any treasured artwork find a suitable place within the layout? To a large extent, it pays to trust your instincts.

What to ask

Because they are so new and beautifully styled, it’s easy to dream big when you’re in a display home. You will see some of the slickest features, plushest furniture, and luxury décor available, and most likely want to move straight in!

However, it is important to note that not all features showcased in display homes, are included in the base price, and upgrades can be costly.

Ask the sales staff:

  • What is the price of this floorplan to build?
  • What is the base price?
  • What upgrades are there in this house?
  • What are the specifications (ie size, lot width and length) of this house?

If available, it’s handy to have an itemised list of upgrades and their individual costs. This will obviously help you decide what you can afford and prioritise your wishlist.

Most builders make a range of facades for their houses, so it’s likely the display home will feature an upgraded facade. Ask about the facades and their costs to discern what style you prefer - contemporary or classic - and whether it matches the interior. An attractive facade gives your dream house good street appeal, and this will be something you and your visitors notice every time you approach the house.

Finally, it’s important to research your builder. Do plenty of online research, ask the sales staff how long the builder has been in business, what their experience is, and where you can see other houses they have built. Satterley only partners with quality, reputable builders; so, you can be assured that if you buy a house and land package from Satterley you will be delivered a quality home.

Satterley has been creating award winning residential communities across Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria for over 40 years and has grown to become Australia's largest private residential developer.

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