Shops are now beginning to stock Christmas supplies, and before we know it the big day will be upon us!

There’s so much to organise around Christmas that it can become a bit overwhelming.

Below we look at six handy tips to ensure your silly season is well planned for to take the stress out of this special time.

1. Make a list

Just like Santa, make a list of everyone you need to buy gifts for, even if the gift is only small. This should trigger some brainstorming so you can be super organised this Christmas!

Jump onto your favourite websites and sign up to their email lists for regular updates on sales and offers. If you want to order anything online to arrive in time, this needs to be done in November (especially if you need to exchange or request a refund).

2. Set a budget

Write out a budget amount for each present (and a food and beverage budget too). Stay on the frontfoot by buying dry foods such as chocolates, crackers and tinned foods that will last until the day each time you visit the supermarket, so closer to the time you just need to make sure you fill the gaps with perishables.

There are so many free Christmas budget and saving resources available online, so head to Google and search away!

3. Set up your tree

Many people like to set up their tree on December 1st, but there are no hard and fast rules! The sooner your tree is set up, the sooner you can wrap and place presents underneath.

Not only will this keep your home organised, it also creates a fun, festive mood within the household!

4. Buy some filler gifts

No matter how organised you are, there are always last-minute occasions at Christmas time when old friends or neighbours may ask you to pop around for a festive drink! It’s always handy to have an extra bottle of wine, box of chocolates or a little something handy for these ad-hoc occasions. If you don’t use them at Christmas time, there will be other occasions throughout the year to gift these too.

5. Choose your location

At Dalyellup Beach estate, there are so many beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy. If a Christmas Day BBQ or taking kids to the park or beach is on your list, make sure you scout the estate for the best location for your crew.

Here are some park suggestions that have play equipment and plenty of shade to get you started!

6. Choose a Christmas Day outfit

While Christmas in Australia might be a casual occasion, it’s always great to find an outfit you feel comfortable in to celebrate the day in so you can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself!

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Planning for Christmas Day at Dalyellup Beach

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