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2021-09-10 Community & Lifestyle

Plug into your community at the Weekend Connector

Satterley Property Group is thrilled to launch the Weekend Connector series as a new and exciting community initiative being rolled out across select estates in Western Australia.

The Weekend Connector aims to provide a friendly pop-up event space where residents and people from the surrounding local community can regularly meet and mingle each month*.

In addition to a different free activity being run by a community group or local business, monthly events also feature a selection of lawn games as well as a coffee van to purchase barista-made coffee and tasty treats.

The Weekend Connector encourages connection between people, community groups and local businesses.

By helping thousands of families move into new communities across Australia, Satterley understands that settling into a new neighbourhood can often seem daunting. This can be especially challenging if you move away from your support system or if you are simply unfamiliar with the area and people.

That’s why community development initiatives like the Weekend Connector are an essential part of the Satterley experience. It’s all about creating opportunities for people to get to know one another and introducing the local groups and businesses operating in the area.

‘I think it’s a great way to get people together. It’s a way to meet other locals who you’d otherwise maybe never would run into or gotten to know.’ – Allara Estate resident.

The Weekend Connector offers a regular monthly chance to meet and mingle with others who live in the area.

Satterley Chief Executive Nigel Satterley has always driven his team to offer a community development program like no other.

“Our dedicated in-house community development program has always been something that sets us apart in creating places that feel like home.”

Satterley CEO, Nigel Satterley sees Weekend Connector style events as an important way for residents to feel part of their community.

“Unlike some other developers, we have an experienced Community Team committed to welcoming you into your new community with information, tools and events designed to make your move into one of our estates as seamless as possible.”

“I hope that residents will embrace the Weekend Connector as a way of meeting and mingling with new neighbours and feeling part of the community.”

How does it work?

Each estate has a regular monthly day, time, and location for the community to come together. With a different free activity run by a community group or local business each month, anyone is welcome to come along to enjoy the events, including families, young couples, retirees, and dog lovers (and their companions, of course).

There’ll be something for everyone from book exchanges, barefoot bowls and cricket, to kids imaginative play sessions and organised fun for furry members of the family. Calendar milestones like Easter and Christmas will also be celebrated at Weekend Connector events.

“The Weekend Connector was a great way to showcase my classes to local families and shine a community light on Pyjama Drama…it’s lovely for the community to come together for a shared experience, make new friends and build those social connections.” Eleanor, Manager of Pyjama Drama

The Weekend Connector allowed local business, Pyjama Drama, to reach new audiences.

And if you’d prefer to sit back and catch up with neighbours over a coffee, our barista friends will be there to help!

Alex Kiddie, Proprietor of B-Ute Coffee, enjoys connecting with locals at Allara Estate with his coffee truck.

“Weekend Connector is a good theme name for these events because it gives the locals a reason to mix… it was good to hear everyone intermingling and chatting to one another.”

From the barista machine, Alex Kiddie from B-Ute Coffee witnesses the role coffee plays in facilitating social connections.

Whether you are a resident or live in the surrounding area, the Weekend Connector event is open to everyone in the community, so spread the word to family and friends!

Connect with your community

Wondering how you can be involved in the fun? We would love to have you at our next Weekend Connector event! Join the Facebook page relevant to the estate you would like to participate in and stay in the loop with what’s happening each month.

Coming soon

We are excited to expand our locations for the Weekend Connector series, with more estates launching the initiative later in the year:

  • Seaside Estate, Madora Bay

  • Clementine Estate, Upper Swan

For more information about the Weekend Connector, including how to participate as a monthly activity provider, please get in touch with Satterley’s friendly Community Team at

*Excluding December 2021 and January 2022.


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