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Six things COVID-19 has changed about home design

Spending more time at home has become the new way of life for many during COVID-19. Now more than ever, our homes have become more than just a place to eat and sleep. With lockdowns and social distancing unfortunately becoming new elements of daily life, our homes have become our new office, a place to home school our children, a place to exercise, relax and socialise virtually with friends and family, overseas and interstate.

Spending an increasingly amount of time at home has created a major shift in the home features people see as important to daily life.

So, what are six things COVID-19 has changed about home design?

1. Home Office

Working from home has become the new norm, with more Australians wanting to work from home two days per week post COVID-19, according to findings from a University of Sydney Business School survey.

And, with the survey also revealing 75 per cent of employees think their employers will support them working from home in the future, a well thought-out and equipped home office space is a vital element of a new home design.

Positioning your home office away from the hustle and bustle of the main hub of the home is best, particularly if you have young children. An office located towards the front of a home away from living areas or sleeping quarters is highly desirable.

Think plenty of power points and a good Wi-Fi connection too as many Satterley communities have lightning-fast NBN or Opticomm.

An office with plenty of natural light (garden views are a bonus), enough space for a desk, and a chair or two in case you have clients visit and storage will be a way of the future.

The flexibility of working from home has seen many buyers choosing to take the leap and make living in regional, or areas a little further from the CBD, much easier.

Just 40 minutes North of Melbourne's CBD is our Botanical estate, Mickleham, is a good example. This popular estate offers residents the best of both worlds – the ability to live in a thriving community, boasting 30 hectares of open space, with easy access to the CBD via the nearby train station. Likewise, Ripley Valley, in Brisbane’s south-west corridor, features 4.4 hectares of open space and is well-connected to major arterial roads making access to Brisbane and the Gold Coast easy.

In Perth, Allara in Eglinton is 50 km from Perth’s CBD, and allows residents to enjoy a beach lifestyle with easy access to bus stations and a future railway extension, making CBD commutes easy. Further south, Dalyellup Beach in Bunbury and Provence in Busselton offer the quintessential beach lifestyle with easy access to nearby town centres.

2. Home school hub

Study nooks have been a mainstay of home design for a few years now but with lockdowns forcing many parents across the country to home school their children, incorporating a dedicated space for learning has become more popular than ever.

Positioning a nook with a built-in desk and storage off the kitchen and meals area of a home is a popular choice, while some people prefer to incorporate them into children’s bedrooms, particularly for bigger families where multiple learning spaces are needed.

3. Entertaining space

Now more than ever enjoying the company of family and friends has become a high priority for many, and with that, a formal dining space to entertain has become even more desirable in home design.

In addition to this, outdoor dining in alfresco areas is increasingly popular and allows home owners an additional entertaining hub. Enough space for an outdoor setting, a lounge or two is a must.

This area can also serve as a space to unwind with a book, coffee or glass of wine at the end of a day working from home too.

4. Light and bright

Your home being your sanctuary has never been truer than during the pandemic. Abodes with plenty of north facing windows, cross ventilation and a solar passive design are popular design elements, which add ambience, a sense of space and atmosphere.

Bringing the outdoors in has always been popular, and COVID-19 lockdowns have shown us how important fresh air and time spent outdoors is. Big windows with views of the garden which help to visually connect the indoors to nature are popular, as are open living spaces opening onto a lush green garden.

5. Bigger blocks

With family time at home a high priority for many buyers these days, backyards, open space and nearby parks are prized commodities. 

Lockdown restrictions highlighted the importance of having a great outdoor space where kids can play and explore, and many buyers are snapping up blocks with ample space to accommodate their dream home and backyard.

Satterley estate manager Melanie Davidson said she has seen a noticeable increase in interest in blocks over 400 sqm.

“There’s no doubt COVID-19 has created a demand for bigger blocks.

"Buyers are looking for a good sized garden to accommodate a pool, a trampoline and grass area for kids to play.”

Satterley communities, such as Arcadia in Melbourne, help make this buyer dream come true with a variety of block sizes for sale and plenty of nearby parkland at your doorstep. With 25 hectares of dedicated open space, including three parks, your backyard at Arcadia has everything you need for your family’s health and fitness. 

6. Home gyms

Extended lockdown periods, gym closures and limits on time spent outdoors, has made many people realise the importance of exercise for one’s mental and physical health.

Many buyers are now seeking flexible space in the home to accommodate gym equipment and space to exercise. This could be allocating a spare bedroom to be turned into space for a home gym, or creating a dedicated space in a garage to accommodate working out at home.

Satterley’s sense of community

A sense of community and belonging to a neighbourhood are more important than ever in today’s uncertain times.

Satterley was proud to help residents at our communities achieve this via the Virtually Together program, where staying connected was made possible during COVID lockdowns via in-home movie nights, driveway discos and neighbour kindness cards.

Satterley’s in-house community development team thrives on ensuring their masterplanned communities are well connected, lively and fun. Satterley is one of the few developers in the country to have a dedicated community team whose job is to ensure our estates are a great place to live. Our team provides a range of opportunities to connect and get to know your neighbours via occasions such as food truck evenings, movie nights and other unique special events.

Why a Satterley Community feels like home

We understand that communities don’t just appear by building roads, parks and houses. That’s why, Satterley has had an in-house Community Team dedicated to making its new communities great places to live since 2007.

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