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Smart parents buy in Heron Park, Harrisdale

Heron Park is the obvious choice when it comes to buying smart property. Even the kids agree.

When complete, Heron Park will be home to over 4,600 residents who have made the smart decision to choose Heron Park home for their family. With a range of amenities already here including parks and playgrounds, the $15million Harrisdale Primary School, the $61mllion Harrisdale High school, $51million Harrisdale Shopping centre; home to some of WA’s biggest brands, an adventure playground and more, it’s easy to see how simple it is to make the smart choice.


Heron Park is located in the heart of Harrisdale, 27 kilometres away from the Perth and Fremantle city centres and 10 kilometres from the Armadale Town Centre. It’s easy to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city by day and the tranquillity of Heron Park by night, with our full-size ovals, hard courts, cricket nets, sports pavilion and the delivery of ‘green boulevards’ for your enjoyment, ensuring your new home at Heron Park really is your sanctuary. No wonder over 1,700* families (and growing) have made the smart decision and now call Heron Park home.


You don’t need to take our word for it. We reached out to our local community to hear their thoughts on our community and we were overwhelmed by their response! Apart from discovering future stars (who may even win an Oscar one day), we heard how smart our little residents’ parents really are. Below we share some of their answers, which really must be seen to be believed.


Heron Park - How Smart Are Your Parents?

We asked kids from the Heron Park community how smart their parents really are. This is what they said.

Q: How smart are you parents?

My Mum is smarter than a hundred computers.

My Dad can make dinner with a toaster.

My Mum is smarter than my dad.

Dad’s brain is THIS big.


Q: What can they spell?

My Dad can spell ‘literacy’.



Dinosaur…. Raaawwwr.

My Mum can spell hit-o-pot-amus.


Smart parents look for…….

An amazing new primary school.

Brand new high school.

Free community events.

Parks and playgrounds.

Smart families choose Heron Park.

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