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2020-02-04 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Rebates at Catalina: Solar, Fencing and Landscaping

When purchasing a home, the cost of your house and land is a big concern for many buyers. Being aware of discounts that may be available at the time of purchase is one way to be money savvy when it comes to getting the best deal on your new home. 

Discounts or 'rebates' as they are often referred to in the building world can make a big difference to your end price. By choosing to live in the thriving Catalina community, a range of rebates may be available at the time you purchase your block of land including solar, fencing and landscaping! Catalina is a well connected coastal community, minutes from the beach and close to vibrant cafes and bars. All the amenity every family needs is close by in the thriving suburbs of Clarkson and Mindarie including schools, medical care, public transport and entertainment. Considering your proximity to services and amenities is an important decision and one that can impact the costs and outgoings of your new homes location.

Choosing the right home for your family can feel overwhelming, particularly when it comes to getting bang for your buck. Catalina thinks differently helping you by including rebates that can benefit your bank balance and the environment long term. By choosing to include solar panels with your new home build, you’re choosing an environmentally and financially friendly home. Many solar systems can deliver regular savings for 25 years or more! Using solar power as your main source of power for your home means that you’ll eliminate the burden of rising electricity prices, which is great for your pocket but you’ll also be reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 250 tonnes over the course of your homes lifetime. That's a great result for the planet and future generations! 

Many factors determine the savings you will experience by choosing solar panels, such as; house size, roof orientation, the weather, the number of people living at the property, your energy-consuming habits and how many appliances you require energy for; so it can often be difficult to calculate an individual monetary saving. It's estimated that if you’re currently paying roughly $4,200 per annum for electric, you’re likely to see this reduced to around $2,200 offering a 47% saving. That means you'll have more to spend on the things you love!

By choosing to call Catalina home, you'll benefit from savings of up to $10k which could help you with the initial cost of solar panels. Valid until 31st March 2020.

Western Australia benefits from stronger solar radiation in comparison to other states. Australia itself takes advantage of having the highest solar radiation per square metre in comparison to any other continent in the world making Western Australia the perfect place to take advantage of a solar saving package that can save you money in the short and long term, depending on your usage. 

Battery packages are a new form of technology that are becoming increasingly popular across Australia. Not only can they store power throughout the day so you can take advantage of lower energy prices and be sure you’ll have energy throughout the night, they can also allow you in some cases to sell unwanted energy back to the grid, meaning you’ll save even more money to spend on other amenities! 

Purchasing a house and land package at Catalina doesn’t just mean you’ll have one option to choose from. Fencing and landscaping rebates are also available for all Catalina new home purchasers. 

Fencing offers you privacy at home and is an essential component to complete your new homes look and feel. Fencing is also a big concern if you have pets or children who need back garden parameters to stay safe at home. Catalina's fencing rebate means you'll have no out of pocket expense when it comes to finalising your home. Added to your lot line before you move in, taking advantage of this offer at Catalina means you’ll be moving into your dream home from the start! 

Landscaping is the finishing touch to your home. Who can say no to beautiful shrubbery and fresh green grass?! Friends and family visiting will often see your outdoor area first, especially at the front of your home so its important to give your home the wow factor and curb appeal from the offset. Take advantage of Catalina's landscaping rebate when purchasing including a landscaping and irrigation package!

Take advantage of a choice of three great rebates available at Catalina, perfect for first home buyers, upsizers or downsizers! Land is for sale now at Catalina starting from $194,000* with house and land packages available from $526,000. Get in touch below to learn more about the packages and discounts available when you purchase at Catalina Clarkson, Catalina Mindarie and Catalina Grove.  (*Price is correct as of 24/2/2020)

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