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2020-07-01 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Stay Cosy this Winter at Ocean Hill

As winter approaches and the colder weather creeps in we spend more time at home. It’s a great excuse to close the doors to the outside world and to enjoy all the hard work you put into your beautiful new home. From choosing your new community to selecting the block that’s right for your family and then choosing a home design that you love - your time and energy have been invested into creating a haven customised for you and your family. Now is the time to take a moment and enjoy the carefully curated space you’ve designed just for you!

Spend time in your lounge room, cook delicious meals in the kitchen, relax in your bedroom and take a luxurious bath in your ensuite! We’re sharing a handful of our favourite ways to enjoy winter at home below.

Look back and recap

Spend your afternoon reminiscing over old photo albums. Go back through the years and share memories of your favourite people and times. If you’re more into the digital world, grab your phone or tablet and make a new gallery to browse through. Or better yet, send those digital files to print so your photo albums become filled with newer memories.

Treat yourself

Delve into the comfort of a decadent hot chocolate. This vegan hot chocolate recipe is one of our favourite (non-dairy) varieties while this one offers a rich, creamy delightful taste the whole family will love. 

Take a breath

When life gets busy we often forget to look after ourselves. We might keep up our exercise regime and try our best to pack our lunch every day, but when was the last time you took five just for you? Draw yourself a bath and treat yourself to a bath bomb. Set a timer and relax for at least 20 minutes. Spending time distraction free can be tricky but oh so rewarding. 

Learn a new hobby

Winter is a great time to invest your free time in learning a new skill or hobby. Arts and crafts, knitting, painting, flower arranging, adult colouring - the list is endless and all are quite rewarding once you master your skills! Pick one and invest half an hour a day into your new practice. You’ll be a pro by spring!

There is so much to do, staying in the warmth of your new home at Ocean Hill. Once you’re ready for some fresh air, head outdoors to enjoy all your new community has to offer! If you're new to Ocean Hill, start your journey today. 

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