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2019-11-05 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Summer activties to enjoy with your friends at Eden Beach

Summer is upon us and that means outdoor living, weekends at the beach and most importantly spending time with friends. There’s so much to do, see and explore with friends and family.  From getting creative, learning to snorkel or surf, or just watching the world go by. Sometimes though, it can be hard to think of new and fun activities to do or places to go with your friends especially if you’re new to the area or feel like you’ve done it all before! 

We’ve put together some ideas of new things to try with your loved ones near to Eden Beach this summer. So grab your phone and get planning! 

Enjoy a Picnic at the Foreshore with Local Ingredients 

The foreshore at Eden Beach is a perfect location to enjoy picturesque views of the ocean. Take in the fresh sea breeze and enjoy some great local food with your friends. Head to Kanga Markets to grab the ingredients you need to prepare your picnic with.  Add some meat or fresh fish to your shopping list and take your picnic to one of the free BBQ’s nearby. 

Invite your Friends and Neighbours over to show off your new home with a Summer BBQ

Moving to your new home is a great excuse to get together with your friends to show off your new home! Thow a house party or low key alfresco brunch to show your home in all it's beach-side glory. We can't think of a better way to settle in to your new pad than celebrating over delicious food, refreshing drink and some board games. Take your after-party outside in the evening to enjoy the famous WA sunsets.  What’s more, a Summer BBQ is a great way to meet your new neighbours and get to know them too. 

Host a Cocktail Workshop 

Cocktail making can be a fun way to catch up with friends and learn how to make your favourite drink or even a new cocktail you’ve never heard of! Below are a few of our Summer favourites to try: 

Summer Crush Mimosa - A fruity sweet treat 

Pina Colada - The classic Coconut cocktail, perfect for an afternoon BBQ

Blackberry Mojito - A berry twist on the classic 

Sweet Tea Sangria - Give your place a Spanish vibe with this traditional drink 

Host an Alfresco Potluck Dinner Party 

Potluck dinners are a fun way to bring your friends together and combine a range of foods and cooking abilities for that matter! Ask each of your friends to bring a dish of their choice, add a theme if you like, and see what the menu becomes, it’s potluck after all! Host the party alfresco style to make the most of the summer and also show off your new home and surrounds. Why not throw in a prize for the best dish as voted for by your friends? 

Enjoy a day at the Beach and invest in some Beach toys to stay active and have fun 

As we know, the beach is a great place to relax during Summer with hot afternoons combined with beautiful sunsets making Summer the happiest time of the year for most of us. Being active on the Beach though can also have great health benefits and also provide a lot of fun! Grab a bat and ball and invite your friends down for a game of beach cricket or football to make the most of the beach and be active! Take some food and drink with you too, to make a full day of it. 

Have we missed your favourite thing to do at Eden Beach with your friends? Let us know below. 

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