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2021-01-06 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Summer hacks for life at Provence

Summer is arguably the best time of year in Busselton. The waters of Geographe Bay are crystal clear, the sun in shining and tourism is at an all-time high!

We’ve compiled some simple hacks to get the best out your summer at Provence so you can enjoy life, stress-free, the summer!

Hack # 1 - Make your own icypoles

Blend up your favourite fruits for an easy, healthy icypole! Kids love getting involved in cooking activities, so make sure you grab some icypole moulds and start experimenting with exotic flavour combos.

Hack #2 – Set up a backyard paddling pool

Kids just love playing in water and setting up a backyard paddling pool for those super-hot days can be fun and really take the edge of the heat, especially by throwing in some buckets and toys!

As always, ensure you are supervising children at all times.

Hack # 3 – Create a picnic pack

Eating outdoors by the Busselton foreshore or local Provence open spaces is one of the wonderful things about balmy summer evenings.

Create a ‘quick grab’ picnic pack with paper plates, knives and forks, cheese board and tomato sauce, so it’s simple to just add your other essentials to take down to your local BBQ area or park.

Hack #4 – Keep plenty of cold water

Fill up as many water bottles as you can fit in the fridge to ensure you have a cold drink on hand all summer. Kids playing outdoors especially are bound to get thirsty and the chilled water bottles will cool them off at the same time.

Hack # 5 – Set up a ‘sun safe’ station

Sunburn, particularly in our Australian sun, is very dangerous. If you participate in plenty of outdoor activities, or have kids who are always outside, leave a bottle of suncream and hats just near the door so there’s never an excuse not to use them.

Hack # 6 – Keep the house cool for less

On the hottest days of the year, the heat can often seem unbearable and the air-conditioning unit gets a workout. Save money on power by first opting for a fan over an air-conditioner, ensuring all blinds are closed and wearing light clothing indoors. Why not even make a cooling mist with water in a spray bottle?

Find out more about life at Provence estate Busselton by visiting the Provence blog.

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