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2020-03-26 Community & Lifestyle

The downsizers who’ve gained a storey

Chris and Vicky Baltos have been considering moving house for a number of years; recently they took the plunge. They’re the parents of two adult children – both of them in their early 20s and close to moving out of home. In many ways their downsizing story is quite typical – except for one important point.

When most people think “downsizing” they think of a substantial change in the size of a home. For Chris and Vicky, though, that’s not quite the case. They’ve bought a three-bedroom Porter Davis townhome in Arcadia off the plan and will sell their current home at auction in the middle of March.

“In some ways the layout and design [of the home we’re selling] is similar to the townhouse we’ve purchased – except our current home is one storey. We’ll be gaining an extra storey,” Chris says.

He tells us that if “all goes well” at the auction they will be free from any mortgage. In other words, they will have got the financial benefit that comes from downsizing, but made very little compromise on space or size.

Vicky and Chris Baltos purchased a townhome at Arcadia.

They’re also moving to a location they’ve had their eye on for years.

“We’ve been wanting to live in the Officer area for some time. I think that Officer has huge potential and in the next five years it’s going to be hot property,” Chris explains.

What does he base this prediction on? He says it’s the proximity to shops and schools, it’s the access to two freeway interchanges (one existing and one on the way) and it’s the fact it’s such a “green suburb with plenty of space”. He and Vicky are particularly excited about this last point.

“The townhouse is in a great spot opposite a future park, and that played a huge factor [in our decision to buy]. The views… the greenery… I like the fact that the master bedroom is upstairs. All the living areas are upstairs overlooking the park. It’s going to be perfect for us.”

Chris and Vicky’s new home will be completed in 2021 and Chris says he and his partner are looking forward to the finished product and the freedom it will afford them.

“It’s going to be amazing being debt free. It will give me the opportunity to work less, which means spending time with family and travelling. I’ll visit my parents in Greece.”

Chris and Vicky bought from the Porter Davis ‘Reserve’ range, townhomes whose first release sold out within two weeks. 

To register for the next townhouse release at Arcadia please click here.

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