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2019-12-04 Community & Lifestyle

The stars align for new entry sculpture

Residents of and visitors to True North’s Greenvale neighbourhood will now be greeted by a new sculpture as they enter the community at Lysterfield Drive. Installed late last year, the entrance piece represents a compass pointing north and is surrounded by constellations visible in the Victorian sky.

Timothea Jewell is the Creative Director at Lump Sculpture Studio, the company responsible for the spectacular work of art, and she says a great deal of thought went into the design and its connection with True North.

“The outer shell is coloured specifically to mimic the colours of nightfall as the first stars become visible. The astrological focus displayed on the skin of the sculpture is a moment in time captured of the Victorian night sky and the constellations that slowly keep changing throughout the hours, days and seasons.”

Timothea says the sculpture is not only designed for aesthetic pleasure, but to be interacted with.

“I think this will be the perfect selfie photo for not only the residents but the visiting community. The sculpture will be present in their special moments captured in time just like the constellations engraved on the walls of the sculpture.”

Lump Sculpture Studio is a Melbourne-based business.

“The sculpture was designed and fabricated by a team of creatives and highly skilled individuals that are incredibly passionate about making sculpture that connects with the community,” Timothea says.

Look out for the piece next time you're driving through True North's Greenvale neighbourhood!

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