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2020-05-01 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Things to do on a rainy day near Ocean Hill

  1. Mandurah Indoor Rock Climbing
  2. Inflatable World Mandurah
  3. Rebound Arena Indoor Trampoline Park
  4. Lakelands Library and Community Centre
  5. Lakelands Community House
  6. King Carnival Amusement Park
  7. Reading Cinemas Mandurah
  8. Peel Zoo

When the cooler rainy days arrive, keeping your family entertained can seem like a daunting task. After all, we’re used to beautiful WA weather for the majority of the year! However, when you choose to live at Ocean Hill, you’re surrounded by a wealth of entertainment for your family to enjoy - come rain or shine!

Located in North Lakelands, Ocean Hill is just 10 minutes away from the heart of Mandurah and within walking distance of the ocean. Ocean Hill is known as providing residents with the best of both worlds, coastal tranquility and city-style amenities, all on your doorstep.

Below we share a handful of our favourite destinations to head to on a rainy day.


1) Mandurah Indoor Rock Climbing

Mandurah Indoor Rock Climbing provides locals with a range of entertainment including climbing, ninja training, adult courses, outdoor climbing, abseiling and more! With classes and social nights on offer, there is so much you can enjoy with the whole family.


2) Inflatable World Mandurah 

Just a short drive away from Ocean Hill is Inflatable World Mandurah. Not just for the kids, parents are also welcome to jump and play the day away at Australia’s biggest indoor inflatable playground!


3) Rebound Arena Indoor Trampoline Park 

Rebound Arena is guaranteed to be a big hit with big and little kids alike. The centre includes a huge airbag jump, a free bounce main court, dodgeball court, performance trampolines, tumble run zone, performance wall, boulder dash wall and slam dunk basketball; for optimum entertainment.


4) Lakelands Library and Community Centre

Spend the day inside with a good book at Lakelands Library and Community Centre. With books available to take home and rent for a select period of time or the choice to stay and read in a reading nook, your afternoon can take you on a thrilling adventure, romantic retreat or ghostly exploration, depending on your book of choice.


5) Lakelands Community House

Lakelands Community House is the ideal space to host your next get together or celebration. The house is ideal for many activities including formal and informal meetings, children’s birthday parties, playgroups, arts and craft activities and cooking. 


6) King Carnival Amusement Park 

King Carnival Amusement Park is located alongside the beautiful Mandurah Estuary and is one of the oldest, historical amusement sites in WA. There are rides and amusements that provide hours of entertainment and food and drink available from the kiosk.


7) Reading Cinemas Mandurah

Reading Cinemas Mandurah is one of the best ways to relax and be entertained on a rainy day. With 6 wall to wall cinemas and the most current releases, you can spend the afternoon immersed in the latest Hollywood blockbuster in a luxurious armchair. Book your ticket, stop by the candy bar and enjoy a stress-free afternoon.


8) Peel Zoo

Spend the day with the animals at Peel Zoo! A boutique, hands-on zoo, in a lush setting on the banks of the Murray River, Peel Zoo offers annual passes, junior zookeeper opportunities and school trips! Dingos, Gliders, Koalas, Big Birds, Macaws, Pythons and more are all here to enjoy.

How do you enjoy spending a rainy day with your family? There is so much to enjoy within a short drive of your new home at Ocean Hill.

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