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2019-08-21 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

10 Tips to Spring Clean Your Home at Honeywood

  1. Have a Winter Clear Out
  2. Start on the Outside
  3. If it has a Surface, Clean it
  4. Organise, Organise, Organise
  5. Make the Floors Sparkle
  6. Don’t forget the Appliances
  7. Treat Yourself
  8. DIY your Home Clean
  9. Clean the Little Details
  10. Enjoy the Process

Spring is coming, the warmer days are approaching and we’re planning how to spend our weekends in the sun at Honeywood Estate in Wandi! Before all the fun activities commence, and while we wait out the last few weeks of winter chill, we’re working through a check-list to be summer ready!

Top of our list and perhaps one of the most satisfying tasks is to spring clean our home, ready for spring time entertaining. Below we share our top 10 tips to tackle the winter cobwebs.

Tip 1: Have a Winter Clear Out 

Over the winter months, we spend more time indoors and tend to increase the amount of clutter around the house. Recycle, upcycle or donate those items around the home that hold dust and aren’t needed.

Tip 2: Start on the outside

A full house Spring Clean can feel overwhelming. Breakdown the task that need to be completed and start from the outside in.Use a broom to sweep away cobwebs from doorways, pathways and eaves. Looking after the outside of your home can increase your curb appeal, helping to keep our communities well maintained.

Tip 3: If it has a surface, clean it

Grab an antibacterial spray and a soft cloth and tackle your surfaces. Kitchen bench, cupboards, cabinets, mirrors, shelves. If it has a surface, you can wipe down, spray and buff away. Remember to take all your ornaments and decoration off the surface first to thoroughly clean.

Tip 4: Organise, organise, organise

After a clear out of all your winter junk, organising is so much easier. Pick up some storage boxes like these ones from Kmart to organise your nic-nacs in stylish and out of sight locations.

Tip 5: Make the floors sparkle

Invest in products that are right for your flooring. Tiles, wood, laminate, carpets and rugs all require different cleaning methods to maintain their optimal longevity. Using floor wipes can help you get into all the tiny, hard to reach locations to ensure your floors sparkle from every angle!

Tip 6: Don’t forget the appliances

Unplug your kitchen appliances and get to work. Use a limescale remover to treat your kettle and kitchen-friendly solutions to effectively and safely clean the appliances you use daily.

Tip 7: Treat yourself

Shop around to find cleaning products that you enjoy using. Find your favourite fragrance, buy a few new inexpensive cloths and make your cleaning experience as enjoyable as possible. Instagram offer so many great tips and tricks to make your home shine and smell sublime in time for summer.

Tip 8: DIY your home clean

If budget doesn’t allow for new, fancy cleaning products - make your own at home. Combining a few household essentials can result in an effective, natural multipurpose cleaner that costs cents. Clean, sweet-smelling homes don’t have to mean expense. Try these recipes from Good Housekeeping. 

Tip 9: Clean the little details

Spring cleaning is the best time to pay attention to the little details Make-up brushes, hairbrushes, shavers, mirrors and toiletry cupboards can often go neglected, so take the time to give yours and your significant others everyday essentials some TLC too.

Tip 10: Enjoy the process

Grab your favourite tunes, wear your comfy clothes and enjoy making your house pristine for Spring. Spotify has a Spring Cleaning Playlist ready to go! 

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