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2019-08-22 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

5 Must Do Activities To Do This Spring at Eden Beach

  1. Visit Eden Beach Foreshore Park and Playground
  2. Enjoy a BBQ With Friends
  3. Have Your Family Over and Entertain at Home
  4. Enjoy the Eden Beach Conservation Area
  5. Embrace Your Community

Spring is coming and we’re ready to welcome the warmer weather with open arms. Eden Beach is beautiful in summer and winter, but spring has a certain charm we can’t resist. Eden Beach in Jindalee will have 10 beautiful landscaped parklands when complete which means there are so many idyllic spots to enjoy.

Enjoying spring doesn’t mean jumping in the car and having a long car ride to your nearest beach or park. It’s as simple as staying here at home, at Eden Beach and enjoying one of the below must do activities.

1. Visit the Eden Beach Foreshore Park and Playground

Overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean, Eden Beach Foreshore Park and Playground is one of the most iconic destinations in Eden Beach. Catering for children of all ages the slides, multi-level play cubes, climbing structures and toddler play area with swings and a sand play area provide entertainment for all the little ones in your family.

2. Enjoy a BBQ with your friends and family

Warmer weather means you can enjoy cooking outdoors! Choose one of the many BBQ areas located in Eden Beach for your next get-together. Bring your favourite meat, dips and treats to enjoy an evening outdoors watching the sun go down.

3. Have your family over and entertain at home

You’ve built your beautiful new home and now is the time to show it off and enjoy it! Pop the BBQ on and enjoy steaks or fish with friends over a wine or two in the back garden. Here are some perfect Spring recipes to try the next time your entertaining friends or neighbours, thanks to Taste of Home.

4. Enjoy the Eden Beach Conservation Area

There are so many walks and trails to enjoy at Eden Beach, but none quite so beautiful as the Eden Beach Conservation Area. Enjoy an evening stroll or refreshing morning run to the elevated views the conservation area provides. Unspoilt nature and views of the pristine coastline. We can’t think of a better way to start or end your day before retreating to your new home at Eden Beach, Jindalee.

5. Embrace your community

Parks and community spaces are bought to life by the Eden Beach community team. Last year over 10 free events were held in the heart of Eden Beach. Keep an eye on the Eden Beach Facebook Page and the Community and Events Page here to find the next event.

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