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True North's partnership with Roxburgh Park United - a soccer club with a higher purpose

This year the Roxburgh Park United Soccer Club will accommodate the footballing talents of 220 players aged between 6 and 14 years old. It will field 13 teams and can boast a membership of more than 500 people. These may sound like the impressive figures you’d associate with a club that’s been around for many years, but it was only founded in 2015.

How has the club come so far in so few years? Development Officer Atken Feranso puts it down to a central principle on which it was founded.

“The club’s vision goes beyond just playing soccer. Rather, it focuses on unity in the community,” says Feranso. “Roxy United”, as it’s affectionately known, was established by long-time player and coach Ayad Botres, now the club’s President. “He saw the need for a soccer club in Roxburgh Park as many of the residents loved the sport,” Feranso explains. “He also knew that this would create a stronger, healthier and safer community where diversity would be embraced.”

And he was right; the club was immediately successful.

The downside, if it could be called that, was that the rapid growth raised questions of sustainability. How would those who loved the club make sure it could withstand the weight of popularity? They would need to retain coaches, acquire staff and secure a permanent home ground, and that was all before they thought about equipment and kits.

The answer came in the form of a $20,000 partnership with Satterley Property Group, as well as a new home ground in True North, which Feranso describes as “a huge milestone for the club”.

The sponsorship covers new gear and uniforms, but more importantly, it has meant that Roxburgh Park United can charge lower fees. “[It’s] allowing the less fortunate members to still be able to afford soccer,” says Feranso. “This partnership will see the community benefit for many years to come.”

Satterley Community Development & Customer Manager, Emily Fielding, with members of Roxburgh Park Soccer Club

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