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2019-12-16 Community & Lifestyle

True North's Summer 2019/2020 Newsletter

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Welcome to True North’s end of year newsletter.

In this issue we hear from Alex and Mel, two of the very first residents in our Greenvale neighbourhood, we have a story on our spectacular new entry sculpture and catch up with Roxy Park United.

We’ll also be providing all the latest information on how the project is advancing, from service works to parks development.

See the highlights below or to read the full version, download above.

A “beautiful little spot” about to become home for newlyweds

Alex and Melissa have, for a long time, considered Greenvale to be an impressive postcode, and it was the couple’s high opinion of the suburb that eventually turned it into the endpoint of their homebuying adventure. To read their story, download the newsletter above.

The stars align for new entry sculpture

Residents of and visitors to True North’s Greenvale neighbourhood will now be greeted by a new sculpture as they enter the community at Lysterfield Drive. To read the story, download the newsletter above.

Another brilliant season for Roxy Park United

It’s been another big year for soccer club, Roxburgh Park United. In September, the club, which is sponsored by Satterley, celebrated two big events: their annual presentation night, and the opening of the new Arena Reserve Pavilion. To read their story, download the newsletter above.

We have moved to Greenvale!

You may have noticed the land sales office has been relocated to Greenvale, just off Lysterfield Drive. We’re applying the finishing touches and we encourage residents – or their friends and family – to come and have a look or a chat to us in the new year!

New sales office address: 2 Compass Drive, Greenvale

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