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2020-07-16 Community & Lifestyle

True North's Winter 2020 Newsletter

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Welcome to True North’s mid-year newsletter.

In this issue we hear from True North purchasers Leanne and Matthew, provide an update on the new HomeBuilder scheme, introduce The Reservoir Collection now selling and lots more!

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The couple who became True North true believers

Not everyone begins their home search with dreams of buying and building on land. For some, the many benefits of a community such as True North only become obvious after they’ve spent time looking at other property options.

Leanne and Matthew Griffin are two such people. The couple, currently building in True North, were once set on buying an established home. We wanted to find out what made them consider building their home within the True North community, what their turning point was.

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New government grant a golden opportunity for home buyers

In June the Federal Government announced the HomeBuilder scheme, which provides $25,000 grants to those purchasing a new home or making substantial renovations to an existing home.

To access the grant, buyers must have signed a contract for land between 4 June 2020 and December 2020. They also must have commenced building within three months of signing contracts.

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