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Upper Point Cook awarded best residential development in Australia by UDIA

Satterley Property Group (Satterley) has been honoured by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), with its project, Upper Point Cook, winning the Residential Development category at the 2019 UDIA National Awards for Excellence.

Located in Melbourne’s western growth corridor, the 1800-lot estate was recognised by UDIA as a premium residential development and for setting new standards in the way land is developed and communities are designed across Australia.

Before Upper Point Cook became the neighbourhood it is today, it was purchased by Satterley as 125 hectares of undeveloped land, bordered by the Princes Freeway, a major gas and oil pipeline and a well-established residential suburb.

Satterley’s General Manager for Victoria and Queensland Jack Hoffmann said their submission emphasised the way in which the team overcame challenges and turned Upper Point Cook into an example that others in the industry would seek inspiration from.

Some developers might have looked at these major constraints and opted for the path of least resistance, accepting a project of modest vision, a community of strict grids and standard greenery.

“Satterley decided on something entirely different. We chose to create a project with a bold vision. In doing that we lifted the benchmark for suburban developments and greenfield projects in Victoria.”

“We were eager to make sure our new community harmoniously blended with the existing one, however we didn’t want to follow the suburb’s existing design. We wanted to create a premium community that improved upon and enhanced the established suburb.” Mr Hoffmann said.

Key achievements within Upper Point Cook included:

  • Incorporating an additional 4,000sqm of open space for residents, above the statutory requirements.
  • Conversion of the vacant future Dunnings Road overpass into a temporary active space for the community.
  • Incorporation of small clusters of medium-density housing across the community, rather than traditional larger medium-density precincts encircling open space.
  • Inclusion of linear parks between major parks and open spaces, which were not initially included in the PSP requirements. This allowed for smaller community spaces throughout the development, rather than just large conventional spaces.
  • Insertion of walkways that cut through precincts, making for a pedestrian-friendly community.
  • Transformation of the Viva gas and oil pipeline easement along the eastern boundary of the site into a ‘green link’ with landscaping and a bike path, creating useable space for residents and a more attractive gateway into the project.

Mr Hoffmann said the end result for Upper Point Cook is a thriving residential community that has delivered exceptional sales figures throughout the life of the project.

“The first land releases were attended by dozens of groups who camped on-site overnight to secure one of the first lots, and the first 39-block release sold out immediately. At the project’s launch we anticipated a sales rate of 12 to 16 lots per month. Instead, since the first release we have tripled our anticipated sales rate.

“Although the project is still under construction, with the last stage planned to title in late 2019, Upper Point Cook has already set a new standard for the way land is developed and communities are designed in Victoria,” Mr Hoffmann said.

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