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2020-05-25 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

What will Gallery look like?

Gallery is a beautiful neighbourhood in the City of Melville. Comprising a range of living styles – from double storey family homes to terrace style homes to future proposed apartments, Gallery offers a beautifully integrated lifestyle – art, architecture, nature, history and all the convenience of the surrounding amenity.

With land now available in the unique Gallery community, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this exciting neighbourhood below.

Where is Gallery located?

Gallery is bounded by the Birra-li Child Care Centre and Braemar Retirement Village to the north, Archibald Street to the south, North Lake Road to the what and Carawatha Park to the west. There will be a single entry point off Archibald Street and the opposite Emerson Street. Gallery is proudly developed in partnership with the City of Melville in the suburb of Wilagee. 

When will the main neighbourhood park be ready?

Landscaping at Gallery is already underway! The landscaping team are working on completing the green links between homes and streetscapes. Weather permitting landscaping of this nature will be complete by September/October 2020. This too will include the first stage of public art and multimedia trails, a painted pavement designs with programmed lighting - an exciting addition to the Gallery community.

What sort of public art will be installed and where will it be located?

Bespoke public art will be a distinctive feature of this new neighbourhood precinct with a multi-media trail designed to link the existing Carawatha Park with the new neighbourhood park planned to abut North Lake Road through a series of locally inspired pavement murals accentuated by dynamic lighting installations.

Satterley is working with the City of Melville’s Art Program to find some beautiful pieces to integrate into the parts and streets of the development the first of which will be seen in the multimedia trail throughout Gallery. Satterley are excited to work with artist Chris Nixon on the artwork,

Will there be any changes to Carawatha Park?

There will be no changes to Carawatha Park. The residential development area is separate. During the construction period park users will see the precinct take she from the safety of a driving fence.

What type of housing will be available?

There will be a selection of green title lots, green title terrace and villa houses (ranging from 168sqm to 323sqm) as well as modern apartments (55sqm to 110sqm). This new neighbourhood precinct will offer a unique opportunity to live in a brand new home within an established suburb with all the lifestyle conveniences and a strong sense of community. Planning is currently in place for 97 apartments, within four buildings, subject to approval. View the masterplan for more information and land available today to browse living options. 

Is there public transport nearby?

Public transport connectivity is right on your doorstep via North Lake Road and Archibald Street. Plan your journey with Transperth.

Will there be any public housing?

Satterley is not developing this area in partnership with the Department of Communities so there is no allocation. However, this doesn’t stop the Department from purchasing land just the same as any other purchaser and in any other location.

Land is now available. Discover your beautifully curated life at Gallery. Contact Estate Manager, Blake Duffield to begin your journey today on 0477 924 777 or 08 6117 3059.

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