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2018-12-12 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Heron Park is the Perfect Choice for Your New Home

Choosing your new family home can be a daunting prospect, but with the help of a building partner and an experienced land developer who can guide your journey and help you realise your dream, the project doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. One of our newest residents shares her advice on building in Heron Park, Harrisdale.

 “Harrisdale Senior High School was a significant factor for me choosing Heron Park for our new home. The proximity to the school as well as it’s fantastic reputation were considerations I took into account when choosing Heron Park over other communities as my son was about to start year 7 at the time.

We’re lucky to be across the road from permanent open space and on a large block. I’m confident we have a sound investment and will see the value increase in years to come because of our location and proximity to so many amenities” the new Heron Park resident comments.

“Choosing a community that is friendly, has a welcoming family atmosphere and is close to nature was extremely important to me. I love the wetlands at Heron Park and how we have families of ducks who live across the road from us!

Since moving in we’ve become really involved in the Heron Park community, exercising in the parks, shopping with our local providers, attending local churches and joining the library. There is so much to get involved with”.

“We partnered with Dale Alcock Homes for our home build as we wanted to build our forever home. The home where my son can grow into a young adult and I can grow old in. We’re keeping this in mind with the finishing touches, like a no-grass backyard and big alfresco. We can’t wait to enjoy it when it’s complete for the summer!

If I had one piece of advice for residents considering calling Heron Park home, I’d recommend they go for it. The amount of paperwork can seem overwhelming, so ask lots of questions and take notes. Not many people have built before so don’t worry about asking questions you think are silly. It’s important to understand the full process. The Estate Manager was fantastic, and so helpful answering my questions quickly and in a friendly and helpful way. You’re in safe hands with the Heron Park team.” the new Heron Park resident advises

With so many families choosing to call Heron Park home, now really is the time to start your journey. Like one of our newest residents, many parents are seeking a safe, healthy, vibrant and well-connected community to join. Heron Park will be home to approximately 4,600 residents when complete, who love this community for its education options, natural bushland, landscaped parks, and picnic areas as well as a range of established amenities.

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