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Telethon Home 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about how you can purchase the stunning 2023 Telethon Home? We've got you covered! Read our detailed FAQs below for all the essential information you need to know.

Seaside, Madora Bay, Telethon Home kitchen


Historically, the Telethon Home has been sold via auction, however this year the home will be sold by Private Treaty (the way that most homes are sold in WA).

What this means is that an interested buyer can simply put in their best offer (from $860,000) which will then be considered by the seller (Satterley and Home Group). The offer will then be accepted or rejected.

The Telethon Home is advertised for sale with offers considered from $860,000. The final sale amount will be donated directly to Telethon.

If your offer is not accepted, the seller may come back to you with a counteroffer which you can choose to accept or reject.

Home Group is the builder of the 2023 Telethon Home and therefore it’s best to direct questions about the home itself to Home Group on 13 14 14 or at [email protected], or visit a consultant in the Telethon Home during opening hours.

Satterley is acting as the sales agent for the Telethon Home. Please contact Satterley’s Sales Operations Manager, Blaine Hall-Jones, on 0421 356 006 or via email at [email protected].

Yes – however:

  1. You will be required to produce a bank preapproval (pre-approval from a mortgage broker will not be sufficient).
  2. You will also be required to be unconditionally approved before the Telethon Weekend (21/22 October 2023).
  3. The seller reserves the right to apply a ‘48 hour’ clause against a finance offer (this means if a buyer comes in with a cash offer, you will have 48 hours to make your offer unconditional or the offer will be cancelled.)

Yes – you will be required to pay a $20,000 deposit within 3 days of acceptance of the offer.

No, unfortunately this isn’t possible due to timings and a requirement for the sale to be unconditional in time for the Telethon Weekend.

No. All contents including furniture, furnishings and electrical goods will be removed. Window treatments and light fittings will remain.

No. In the lead up to the Telethon Weekend we want to make sure as many people can see this special home as possible. The home will remain open for inspection until the end of the Telethon Weekend. Home Group will repair any damage to the property that may occur as a result of display purposes.

The home will be closed from the end of the Telethon Weekend (October 21/22), and you can move in the following weekend (to allow time for furniture and signage removal).

Settlement can occur any time after the Telethon Weekend (October 21/22), as stipulated on the contract.

Yes – however you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as part of the contract stating you cannot divulge the purchase price until it has been revealed on Sunday October 22nd of the Telethon Weekend.

Yes – this is a requirement of the home purchase contract. Telethon has been part of the lives of West Australians for 55 years and the sale of the Telethon Home is a big part of the weekend. Everyone loves to know how much the sale of the home has raised for Telethon.

Yes, you can, however we would be delighted if the purchaser would be willing to share their exciting news of purchasing such an iconic home. Note, that once settlement has occurred, ownership does become public information via Landgate.