1. Discount Offer:

The Seller offers to provide one Discount on the property subject to the Buyer satisfying and strictly complying with the Eligibility Criteria and Redemption Criteria.

2. Eligibility Criteria:

2.1 To be eligible for the $7,500 Discount a Buyer must:

(a) complete settlement of the purchase of the Eligible Lot in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contract.

3Redemption Criteria:

The Settlement Discount will be payable at settlement by way of a credit on the Buyer’s Settlement Statement. 

4. General provisions:

(a) The Settlement Discount will not be paid by cash or cheque.

(d) The Buyer acknowledges that there may be implications with the Buyer’s loan approval in that the financier may deduct the value of the Settlement Discount from the purchase price of the land and value the property at the reduced price.

(e) Satterley is not responsible for any loss or damage (however it arises) which you may suffer or incur arising of or in connection with an application for finance you may enter into.

(f) The Settlement Discount is inclusive of GST.

(g) The Buyer acknowledges and agrees the Settlement Discount is not transferable or assignable to any other party.

(h) In these terms and conditions, reference to the Satterley Property Group (Satterley) is a reference to the entity selling the land at the Participating Estate (Seller). For further information on the Seller entity, contact the relevant Satterley Sales Centre.

(i) Satterley and its related entities will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by any person who relies upon the information in any advertisement relating to the Settlement Discount except for any liability that cannot be excluded by the law.

(j) Without exception, the Settlement Discount will only be paid by the Seller if these terms and conditions are strictly complied with and the Buyer will have no claim or other rights against the Seller as a consequence of non-compliance with, or non-satisfaction of, the above conditions that result in non-fulfilment of the Discount.

Defined terms:

Unless otherwise required by the context or subject matter:

Discount means the certificate attached to these terms and conditions.

Eligibility Criteria means the criteria set out in clause 2 of these terms and conditions.

Eligible Lot means a lot in the “Clementine Estate” Upper Swan.

Participating Estate means the Clementine Estate. 

Redemption Criteria means the criteria set out in clause 3 of these terms and conditions.