HomeBuilder Disclaimer

Satterley Property Group Pty Ltd and its associated entities (Satterley, us, we, our) have made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of all details in respect of the HomeBuilder Grant, however, it should be used as a general guide only. It is not in the nature of advice. No warranty can be given by us regarding the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the information presented, and it must not be relied on by you or any other person as a substitute for appropriate advice in respect of the availability of, or your eligibility for, the HomeBuilder Grant. Satterley does not represent or warrant that construction will commence or the plan of subdivision will be registered within the timeframes required for you to obtain the benefit of the HomeBuilder Grant.

Satterley disclaims all liability for harm, loss, costs or damage which arises in connection with any use or reliance on the information set out on the website. Satterley is not liable to pay any money, provide a rebate, reduce the purchase price or make any contribution towards the build price or payments under any building contract entered into or to be entered into by the purchaser if the HomeBuilder Grant is not available or if you are not eligible for the HomeBuilder Grant for any reason whatsoever. You are responsible for making your own assessment of the information available on or through the website, and you should make your own enquiries with the appropriate government authorities about the availability of, and eligibility for, the HomeBuilder Grant. Please contact our sales consultant if you have any queries.’